27 April 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009 - 12 comments

Summit's Turn

As promised here is a reflection of Summit....AND it just so happens to be her 2nd birthday today! Yes...we will be celebrating! She also shares a birthday with my beautiful grandmother and handsome nephew. Happy birthday to everyone!

First let me give you some background on this sweet girl....Summit started her life in Utah in April of 2007 and due to family issues she was then sent to live with another family in Redding where she was for a little bit. While in Redding, she was relinquished to a rescue organization called English Springer Rescue of America and she made her way to Lockwood which is on the back side of Big Sur. So the first 18 months of her life she had certainly seen the west side of the United States. If you haven't read the story of how she came to us, you can read that here. And the following is what we have learned about this sweet, sweet dog.

* Summit is a tom boy through and through. She would rather spend her day outside running and leaping through the yard than sitting inside watching the time go by. The weekends are her favorite because we are usually home all day or camping which means the door is always open for her to be one with nature.

* She is a bed hog! We can't have her sleep with us and trust me we've tried. So instead she sleeps on a couch at the end of our bed and requires us to tuck her in every night. It is hysterical!

* Summit has a serious addiction to birds. When we first got her she captured quite a few, then again she is a bird dog. I think she may have been gun trained or started to be and now she can flush birds with the best of them.

* Once on the beach she pulled a seagull out of the sky and tried to bring it back to me. It wasn't a pretty sight and the seagull did not make it.

* She can run for miles. On our trip to Jalama Beach last summer she took off after a flock of birds towards Santa Barbara, we lost sight of her for a bit, but after about 10 minutes we could see this little speck running back to us. Her long distance running episodes have decreased significantly thank God!

* Summit has been in a dog show and won a ribbon! Through the organization we rescued her from, ESRA, they do a rescue parade of dogs once a year. At the show all those springers who were rescued get to parade like they are show dogs. Summit loved the attention!

* When she first came here she didn't "talk" at all, now she is a very vocal chatter when she gets excited or wants to play.

* Summit LOVES to hug people.

* She ALWAYS has a smile on her face!

* She doesn't like swimming as much as her sister.

* Summit is very gentle with everyone she meets.

* She does not like loud noises or voices. We think there may have been a lot of yelling in her past.

* If we come home and then leave again she will always let us know that it makes her mad. EVERY time she will rip something up to prove her point. It's never a big mess or something big, just a little reminder that she wishes she could have come with us.

* She is a true springer...she springs up and down when she is excited, which is a lot.

Summit has brought us SO much joy! She is such a treat to have in our lives and we can not imagine our lives without her! If you are ever thinking of getting another dog or bringing a dog into your life for the first time, don't pass up an English Springer Spaniel, you will never regret it. Ever. Check out all these sweet faces in your area who will bring you all the joy that Summit has brought us. I hope to someday share the story of Molly, she was the one who started it all for me. It has almost been a year since we lost her and there is not a day that goes by that she is not remembered. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't have Ella May or Summit in our lives, for that I am blessed.


What a beautiful pooch and sooo much energy! She is one happy and lucky dog.

Such wonderful odes to your fur babies.

Keep smilin!

LOVE Fur-babies...
Have a great week..

I love her name. It seems to suit all the features of this beautiful being. Love this post my friend.

Hope you are well.


What a sweet pup! What a little chararcter to be tucked into bed.

You should write a book about your dogs. Maybe some children's books that center around your pets!! Like "Good Dog Carl", or something. Seriously...you'de be rich. Think about it.

If you decide to do it, you have to dedicate the first book to me!

Hi Kaycee,

Just love your adorable ESS's they are just precious!! I will always have ESS's as they are the sweetest and most loving, loyal dogs that I know. I might be bias though as that is all I have had on my own. It sure is hard watching them get old though. Our Molly is slowing down and is her counter part Dakota.

Bless you and your love for these precious dogs.

Oh, how I wish the CCAA would refer alot of babies soon. I so am looking forward to your referral!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Summit :0)

Happy Birthday, Summit! What a special Springer she is and she is so fortunate to be able to live with your family.

I haven't been to your blog site for months, and didn't realize it was Summit's birthday. I just happened to log on and here's your beautiful Summit and tribute!

We enjoyed her when she was with us and knew that she would make someone very happy.

Karin Whitty
Summit's Foster mom in Lockwood

She sounds like so much fun! Do you remember our Springer, Chester? They could have been kindered spirits. He was a great dog. I'm glad you have yours. Now we have a beagle and he is pretty cool too. Allison

Happy Birthday Summit!! You're not spoiled at all are you?! :) You deserve every minute of it!! :)

I love this post Kayce! :)