29 April 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 - 11 comments

A new residence...

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...in my car that is. It seems that I am now spending more time in my car than I do in my own house. Phew! I always knew at some point I'd become a car mom but now that it's here I can see that I need some practice in making life happen while on the road. For the next few months besides being my own child's taxi I am now taking care of a friends three daughters, 10 year old twins and a 12 year old who by the way is FREAKING out that she has to drive around with a boy, an 8th grade boy from her school for that matter. I'm getting the girly practice though and loving it!!! But I've discovered that I need some things while living in my car...

Like I need to have a change of clothes for not only me but for Big J and quite possible other children, you never know if your going to lunch or to the beach.

There should always be a pen and paper within grabbing distance for when you need to write down that thought that I had two nights ago in the middle of the night and am remembering while driving through the pick up line at one of the two schools I'm driving between.

A book should be added to the "in the car" basket because pick me up at 4:45 really means pick me up at 5:08.

A toothbrush for those moments when you remember that no one brushed their teeth that morning.

A cooler packed ready with ice packs for when you go to the egg ranch for your weekly eggs on a 90+ degree day and then get somewhere and forget they were in the car for over 2 hours or for the ice packs for when one twin smacks the other twin for getting mud on her favorite sweatshirt.

The iPod, heaven help anyone driving in my car if I forget my Billypod, yes he's got a name and yes I will drive all the way home to get my pod if I've forgotten it.

Snacks and plenty of them. Not for the kids but for me. Okay I will share if I need to. :)

LOTS of coffee.

My handy Nalgeen bottle filled with yummy water. But did I remember to fill it when I left the house??

A blanket. Our summer fog pattern has already begun.

The cell phone because if that's not anywhere near me at all times, the world may stop or I just might miss that call that I'm only picking up 2 children instead of 4 or 5 or that I'm not picking up any so I don't have to stand and wait at the classroom for no one to come out.

Check the gas everyday. I have been known to run out. Thanks babe!

Running shoes. Dress shoes. Flip flops.

Purell. Hand wipes. Kleenex. Gotta love flamming hot cheetos in the car!

Big J's earphones. He wants to "look" cool while driving in a car with a 7th grade girl.

The volleyball uniform. Big J made the team!!!!! Now that put a whole new level of living in the car.

The laptop for those moments when I can grab free wireless to check my email, blogs, and find the nearest carnival supply house for the 8th grade dance which is in 3 weeks and I suckerly signed myself up to put together the "outside" entertainment.

The TomTom for when you must take 3 girls to 3 other girls houses in 3 different parts of town or find the school that my son is playing his next game at.

A brush and rubberband to pull back the hair and pull up the eyes!

Anything I'm forgetting......?


Oh my gosh! That is amazing. Do you have any room left for the kids? Tee-hee!!

You must be Super Woman in disguise! You just amaze me!
Have a fantasticly fun abd crazy day!

You are cracking me up over here...
Have FUN..
You wouldn't want it any other way..

Sounds like a great plan! I am trying to figure out how I can add baby stuff... diapers, change of clothes, jacket, etc to my already TOO SMALL Rav4 car.

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Is there any room for you left after that list? :-)

I just bought a bunch of packets of those little Wisp toothbrushes, and threw them in the car and backpacks for those days when brushing was either over-looked or needs to be redone. They come pre-loaded with a dab of paste and are disposable.

I know that doesn't help reduce the carbon footprint, but sure comes in handy in a pinch.

Everything but the kitchen sink, LOL!!
Love the list, I too am constantly driving lately, Jen has started on a travelling fastball team, Jill plays soccer, then piano, the list going on and on, LOL.
Lately I find I should be packing my referree whistle for all the fighting that is going on in the back seat of my van, yeesh, LOL...

How about an emergency supply of Zanax?! Wow..your life is full!!! Enjoy it!

I became an "in the car mom" last summer. Welcome to our club. Spare change or secret money stash is really helpful. Some days everyone needs icecream. We are getting geared up for non stop car action over here too. Oh yeah, portable Febreeze. Game night and practice night make a car smell funky. Allison

Hehehe....even I have noticed with one small girl that my car has turned into a rolling toy store and concession stand.

I wish you the best in finding the perfect 'organization system' for your life in the car.

This made me smile. I love it.