23 April 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009 - 15 comments

Thoughts of you

Dear Jennifer,

Yesterday you were in the forefront of my thoughts all day, not a moment passed where I wasn't dreaming of your face or talking of your eminent arrival. While at the dentist office I distracted myself from the drills by imagining you sitting in my lap watching me while the dentist looked in my mouth. I saw the interest in your eyes as you looked around and the smile on your face at the entire scene, something new for you. I thought to myself, someday this will really happen, you will be sitting on my lap to experience the dentist for the first time. I can not wait.

My day went on and you continued to be the main thought in my head, nothing else was on my mind, in fact I was forgetting everything else and having to really concentrate on my list of priorities for the day. Yet I couldn't. My friends at work were talking about a book I should get for you when we go camping and sharing a thought they had about your existence. You were very much alive yesterday in all around me. It was uplifting to feel the excitement of YOU! The joy you are bringing people already has moved me to tears so many times.

As I was ending my day and started to close my eyes, you were still there. My prayers included all of those around you right now and most of all you. You are God's gift to this world and I look forward to see the plan He has for you unfold. I can't wait to hold your hand and led you to new adventures and watch you grow in them.

Missing you my sweet....

Love mommie.


Awww Kayce, that is just beauitful. What a very blessed little angel she will be when she is finally in your arms. There are quite a few of us who will be in tears when we see you look into her eyes for the very first time.

I love the name jennifer! It is gettng so close.'

I asked Fliss and for the same reasons you too. no pressure, but if you feel like it, come over and go to the auction to bid 5$ on Bailey's dream dress for Jennifer. NO ones bid yet so its still possbible to get it for cheap. I would love to think of you having it, if it worked out.

I love this post. I know exactly how you feel. I can't wait to see your beautiful daughter :)


Don't you just love days like that? What a precious gift to have friends who fully embrace your daughter already! They too are a precious gift from God.

Soon Kayce....soon!

She will be here soon..

What a sweet post! Hang in there!

P.S. I am doing the continuous glucose monitoring this week. Have you done this test before? It tests your blood sugar apx. 200 times/day. I can't wait to get the results back! I know I need some adjustments made!

Sweet letter.... :)

beautiful letter... :)

Isn't it amazing how there are days where you dream of this child from morning till night...it's like they are there with you. I've had quite a few of them myself. It's good you are takin the time to document it. Ann at CHI once told me that she had intense dream/thoughts of each of her children while waiting for their referrals and she would always mark the date down. She said that in each case, that date ended up coinciding with something significant (a birthdate, for example) in that child's life. Interesing, huh?! Keep hanging on lady. Referrals will be here soon and we will be making another leap forward!! It's the final stretch! :)

Beautiful Kayce... Jennifer will cherish these words written for her even before she was in your arms. :)

Oh Kayce I know exactly how you feel, now that we are closer I am letting myself dream about Franceska and imagine what her little face will look like. I also have days where I just almost can't concentrate on anything else. It is so uplifting when someone around you includes her in the conversation because with the wait being so long sometimes you wonder if people really believe that it is going to happen. This post was just beautiful and your right our girls are a Gift from God.

Love, Kristy

I have such chills right now! That was so sweet and I cant belive how much you wrote what I was feeling towards the end. I felt teh same way. I would dream about mia and she would be on my mind pretty much all the time. It got worse as time went on and aas we got closer to our referral-- so, maybe your constant thoughts mean that you are that much closer-- it wont be long now and i cant wait to see her little picture-- soon very soon!!!

Christy :)

Beautiful, Kayce.

There is one young lady out there who has no idea right now how much she is loved. Yet, it won't be long now until your worlds are one.

Those dreams are so sweet, and the reality of your child will be even sweeter :)

Terrye in FL