09 March 2009

Monday, March 09, 2009 - 11 comments

Sunny Days and Mondays

It's been almost a week since I last posted! Wow! Time flies by when you're having fun so I'm gonna throw this at ya bullet style....

* The sun has been shining here and it is glorious! Sweet puffy white clouds passing by in the sky and a very, very cold wind blowing! If you look outside you'd think spring has sprung but once you open the door you run back upstairs to take off those capris and put back on your jeans and boots! Burrrrr! We have a freeze warning tonight and the temps are supposed to be pretty cold for a bit yet.

* I finished The Power Of One. I turned right back to page one to start it all over again. The best read I've ever had the joy to read!

* Big J completed another science project this last week...A sodium model. The construction of it was a team effort and the assembly of the said project happened at our house. The model was safely delivered to science class today and the next step is the edible part of the project...I'm not sure what that entails, but I'll be sure to let you know!

* While the teens were running the kitchen amuck and me baking them cookies, my dear dad had arrived! We had such a great time visiting and spending time together, it's been almost 2 years...tooo long! He throughly enjoyed the science stuff happening, wondering around a trailer dealership where we were all dreaming of long camping trips to places unknown, a loud dinner at our favorite place on the wharf, Olitas and just talking with his grandson, Mike and I. The visit was way too short, but we will be seeing him along with my step-mom and step-sisters when we head up to my sisters wedding this August. Can't wait! Miss you so much already dad! On a side note...if anyone is ever in the area, do head on over to the Santa Cruz wharf and enjoy a great meal at Olitas, tell Steve I sent you and just enjoy the view and the great food!

* Our school district passed the budget. While they were able to make $14 million in cuts instead of $17, it doesn't mean I will still be able to keep my current position. I have already gotten wind that I didn't make the cut, no big surprise to me, but I may be able to get bumped to another site due to all full time employees of my position going from 8 to 3.5 hours. That unfortunately for many does not pay the bills and may cause people to leave their positions. We will see. Other than that, more than 200 personnel will be loosing their jobs including many teachers. A very sad time and a very hard place to work at right now.

* I'm just gonna say it Mikey, I can not wait for summer. Sleeping in. Warm days. No school. Just living life. The time change always reminds me the days of summer are soon to follow. Sorry babe, I love you though! ;)

* 9 more days until a girls weekend! I. am. so. excited.!

* I think we may be nesting a bit, but I'm a little scared to admit it to be honest. I've been worried we wont get a referral lately and now I can't think of anything but organizing the holy heck out of my house. Maybe I'm just organizing because of fear and I'm not really nesting. I don't know, but we've got a list 2 pages long of stuff we NEED to finish and that is all I want to do now. I emptied out this cabinet which is our medicine, dog, and junk cabinet where you had to pull everything out to find anything, well not anymore.

* Okay...go enjoy your night and the rest of your week....Happy Monday and now Tuesday!


what a beautiful family you are. Kayce, thank you, so much for you encouraging words. You are a dear friend. And, someday we WILL have coffee.


No wonder you haven't been posting! You've got a lot going on up there.

Our board has settled on which cuts to make, too. More than 70 temporary teachers will receive pink slips this month. Class-size reduction will increase from 20:1 to 24:1. I'm not complaining because I'd rather have 24 students instead of the 33+ the upper grade teachers have, but that's where so many of those jobs will be lost. No summer school. Middle school schedule has to be revamped. I don't understand how that saves money, but it can save about $1 million.

I hope you get to stay with the district. Seems like the ideal job for you!

Sorry about your job cuts. It's horrible to have that kind of uncertainty hanging over you.

And am I just imagining that Jacob is the double of your dad?

You are nesting indeed:)

So sorry to hear about your job.....but it sounds like something will pan out for you!!

Looks like a fun science project......Nick's are always a team effort....our last one was a human body project. We had to make all the organs....that was interesting to say the least!!

Have a great week!


Love Nick's science project.. .looks like fun...
Sorry to hear about your job.. but I am sure you will find something..
LOVE the organizing..
I need to do that ..
Have a great week..

I've been a besting fool as well.
Glad you got to see you dad.
I'm gonna have to pick that book up - I LOVE book suggestions.

I meant to say "nesting fool"

That's funny. I organized my linen closet recently, too. Even though I'm still quite a ways from referral... I've been feeling the nesting myself. :)

Sorry about the job cut situation. My mom just lost her job and it has created an enormous amount of stress for our family. Cuz she has no retirement savings and is a paycheck to paycheck kind of person. Juts praying she finds work soon.

nesting! I moved most of my dishes into the buffet to make room for sippy cups. :-)

So sorry about your job...
I will say I was so excited to hear that you love 'The Power Of One'... that is one of my all time fave books... I have seen the movie and Morgan Freeman was in it... it is so brilliant... Some of Bryce Courtney's books are brilliant...

Wow, that's a lot to absorb.