01 March 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009 - 18 comments


Well I think today or maybe yesterday or is it the day between the two?? is our log in date anniversary. But since there is no 29 in February this year, we are somewhere in between I guess. But anyway...One more month down. One more month until our wait is at a three year mark. WOW!! Never would have seen that coming! Here we are though, more ready than we were 35 months ago, more grounded, more guided, more patient.

I received the following text from my eldest sister on Friday...

"I had a vision earlier today of mom, dad and I meeting you at SFO coming back with Jennifer. She has thick hair to just below her ears and straight bangs. She purses her mouth before she smiles and is about two. Just thought you should be ready. xoxoxox"

I'm ready.

We are all ready.

My dearest Jennifer...

You are in my thoughts daily. I walk by your room and imagine your laugh coming out of it. I imagine your cry as you wait for someone to comfort you. I think about your toes and the thought of them wriggling makes me smile. I wonder about your temper and if you'll be comforted by music as I am or will you be like your brother and want me to caress your face until you fall into slumber. Your daddy and I talk of weekends running errands and who will push the stroller or chase you down the beach. Your grandparents include you in future events like the wedding of your aunt this summer or the pendant around your grandmas neck that already has your name in it. Your aunts and uncles have visions of you and dream of spoiling you. You are dreamt about by us all. You are loved so deeply by people who long to hold you yet have never seen your face. You are so loved by us all. So loved.

You are loved by me more than all the shells in the sea.



So sweet!!! your patience is paying off hang in there.

Celebrating 35 months done with ya. What a clear and significant dream/vision!

Keep smilin!

35 down.. and you are getting sooo close..
Love the letter to Jennifer..She will sooo know how much she is loved..

Happy 35!

Not many more. Seriously. There can't be that many more :)

Happy 35!
WE are getting closer!!!

I will tell you that I very much believe in dreams.

Happy 35.

I can't wait to be sitting at this PC and watch you.

Extra hugs my friend.


Happy 35!! Love that vision:)

You are not far now!


I will be jumping up and down celebrating the day you see your little girls face. I cant wait to see her and you holding her. What a thrill and it looks like according to RQ that they made it through the 6th of March so you are getting closer. Get ready-- I cant wait!!

Christy :)

What a sweet post, you brought tears to my eyes.

Terrye in FL

Your getting sooo close, happy 35 down!!
I just love your letter for Jennifer, beautiful....

Very sweet!

Oh Kayce I have goosebumps from head to toe. What a beautiful letter to you daughter. Every letter that you typed to form each word is exactly my thoughts and my feelings,and my dreams, oh what a blessing that God has given us ....to love unconditionally, to love without even knowing what someones little face looks like or what their fingers , toes, or nose looks like....it is such a feeling isn't it.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Hang in there sister... we will get there... it is a bummer of a ride but we will get there...

35 closer to your girl.
The letter to her was heartfelt and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Happy anniversary! Jennifer is one loved little girl!

My first time here.

Just wanted to let you know some friends of ours just got their referal after a 3 yr. wait. YOURS is right around the corner, their LID was early March and they got their match early March!

Sit tight and do your nesting!!! It's almost time!!! :o)