18 February 2009


Hay, I think my comment disappeared-- ugg!!

I was saying how beautiful that pic is and that it looks like it is hail. We have been getting a ton of strange weather including hail and it is always so fun-- and unusual for us CA folks. Love this crazy weather we are having!!!

Christy :)

very cool picture.


Great picture! I take it this is snow or hail.

It is fun when the weather gives us something we don't expect!


It looks sooo cold to me!!! It is pretty though.

Love, Kristy

Looks like you are getting some crazy weather.....such a cool picture!


oooh. you are getting what we have been getting! cozy up by the fire!!! :)

My comment disappeared too!

We've had a lot of this lately too. Today we had some sun but it's supposed to come back this weekend. It gets old fast.

I sent you another e-mail. If you didn't get that one then I don't know what's going on. Maybe check your spam folder?

I may just give you a call tomorrow on my lunch break.

a deluge... wet wet wet... makes me want to put on wool socks!

I am HORRIBLE about getting my mail... It's a block away and frankly I'm lazy!

You have no idea how much that made my day... it has been a really long hard week and I so needed that smile today. That must be why in the rain I trudged over to get the mail...

and found your card.

Thank you valentine... you are the most thoughtful person!!!

(((((HUGS)))) and smooches!