16 February 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009 - 14 comments

Does it have to be over??

(this unfortunately is the only picture from this trip, the battery died in the camera right after I clicked, ugg! This shot was taken from our campsite and was the view from our bedroom inside the trailer. BEAUTIFUL!)

We are home, begrudgingly. I hate to pack up and come home after camping. Honestly I could live my life on the road just camping my little heart out, someday I will but until then I have my weekend getaways every now and again. This trip was fabulous! We have been wanting to camp at Half Moon Bay State Beach for many years but have never quite gotten around to it. For one it's only an hour north of our home which makes you think we aren't really getting away and two it's hard to get reservations there. After this weekend we will be going back A LOT and getting in line to make the reservations six months in advance.

You may ask, what's the big deal about camping with you?...here's why I could live my life that way...

No guilt. I can take a nap and not feel guilty of wasting my time away. And nap we do!!!

See more. We see so much when we camp, even in the winter. This trip we discovered that HMB has a magnificent old downtown. This trip we only drove through but plan on spending a lot of time there next time. And of course there are the nights under the stars. We went for a great walk along the bike/horse/walking path on Saturday during a rain break, and enjoyed seeing all the people out riding horses and tons of people enjoying the weather.

Play more. When we're on the road we tend to play more games together, for hours. We are not interrupted by the phone, the computer (except when we bring it), the TV (since we don't have a satellite so we don't get any reception even when we do bring a TV).

Eat good! Oh man do we eat good when we're out on the road! Valentine's dinner was the BEST!! We got two local grown artichokes, a locally caught crab, a delish creamy beet soup, a sourdough baguette, and two of the best cupcakes from my favorite bakery and had an outright feast by candle light in our trailer. No tip, no outrageous bill and no one else but us. It was great. Breakfasts are usually the campfire basics, eggs, bacon,and pancakes. And lunches are always a pu pu platter of what ever sounds divine. Sometimes if we are in an area that has restaurants, we'll feast somewhere out and always walk away with some left over treats.

Read! One of the first things I pack when loading up is books and tons of magazines. I could sit and read for an entire day if I could. I'm currently reading, The Power Of One and ended up staying up late into the night reading. By the way if you're looking for a great book to read, that it! I can not put it down.

The weather is always great! No matter when we are out camping the weather is great and no I don't mean always sunny. I knew this trip would be a wet one and I was not disappointed! It is still raining here and isn't expected to stop for days! Anyway, it rained the entire time with just a small break in the middle of the day on Saturday when we were exploring a near by town, Pacifica which is near San Francisco. Other than that we had wild, windy, wet weather! Saturday night a huge storm came in and since we were camping on the cliffs above the ocean we were hit hard the entire night with tons of wind and water. We thought about staying Sunday night to enjoy more of the same but after much thought we decided to pack it up and head home. :( We made the right decision though since the Tour of California is heading down the same highway we take home and we would for sure have been caught behind Lance Armstrong for hours!

So here we are, home and wonderfully recharged! I'm missing the camping life for now, but will be back out there again in a few weeks for sure! We've got a wet week ahead and lots of wind in the forecast, so keep us in your prayers that we don't have this happen again...


You are the first person I have known who knows 'The Power Of One'... have you seen the movie???? Oh my... it is brilliant... I am so happy I have found another Bryce Courtney fan... I love alot of his stuff... I think we are kindred spirits... I too love camping... we have a 7 man tent (though I don't know how 7 could fit there) - the whole roughing it thing... I love it.. I wish I could rough it more.... can't wait to get Shauna to go camping... thanks again for my card :)

sounds wonderful and I must admit to feeling a little jealous of you weather. We have been getting little hints of spring here and there but nothing sustainable and I have a feeling we are 6/8 weeks off from spring.


Sounds absolutely wonderful!!!! It's ok that there were no pictures, because your descriptions were awesome.

Ah the peace and relaxation of camping!!! Rain in a tent is not my favorite, but in a trailer, pure BLISS!!!

Some day Tate and I will have to plop a tent right down next to you and JENNIFER!!!

Praying you guys are safe during the inclement weather.

Sounds like you had a great weekend....in my opinion, eating campfire breakfasts is one of the best parts of camping....you know me....it is always about the food!!

Be safe this week with those high winds!!


Sounds like you find wonderful vaca spots. Your V-Day dinner sounds soo good.

I'm not a camper, but I love vacations for all the reasons you listed.

I'm glad you had such a good time last weekend.

Sounds like your weekend was the bomb Kayce!!! If I lived that close to the ocean, I too would probably camp frequently - being that close to the water has gotta be relaxing. I know I love the approximate 10 days we spend at my parents permanently parked 5th wheel on a lake in Michigan. It is peaceful and the napping, oh, the napping...

Is it summer yet???

Sounds like an amazing time!! I could use a little ocean right about now! The move "The Power of One" was my favorite move in college. I watched it over and over. Never read the book though... but I'm sure it is as good and probably better!

My kids LOVE camping...can't wait until the weather warms up and we can go again!! I always wanted to rent a cabin in the winter..I think they would LOVE that too....

Delurking to say that I LOVED "The Power of One." What a great book and a pretty good movie, too.

Hmm, having only ever camped under canvas (and consequently been flooded out on more than one occasion) I'm almost tempted to give this camping thing another try. In a camper van of course.
And at a warm time of year.

I am right there with you on the no guilt thing, I love laying around in the camper and reading. love it!!

Everything you just described sounds wonderful and the view was beautiful! And that creamy beet soup sounds soooo good , I have never had anything like that.

Love, Kristy

It all sounds so dreamy. I love reading about your camping trips and seeing the pictures. Even though you only had one picture from this trip, it was enough....SO BEAUTIFUL!!