20 February 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009 - 6 comments

My reflections of the week....

The whole world is in your hands my sweet son!

What a week. What an emotional week. But here it is...finally Friday.

I'll start off with yesterday...because I'd rather start with negative than end with it. Needless to say our state has FINALLY passed our state budget. With that said, our new state budget is "trimming" $8.6 BILLION, yeah billion with a B, from public education. I'm sorry but what does that leave us with, classrooms full of students but no teacher? We are in for some serious trouble. This just makes me so, so sad.

So along with the budget, we also had our second gang fight on campus yesterday, this one being with girls. Girls who brought bras*s knuckles and knifes to school. The day before was the boys turn. They were gang fighting kids as they came into the bathroom. The boys were all of course suspended, the girls were hauled off to juvenile hall in handcuffs. The boys are awaiting their turn in a cop car and trip to juvi once the "investigation" is concluded. Yup two gang related activities in one week. NICE! And hello we are cutting MORE from our education

Okay lets move away from the negative.......

Wednesday my co-worker and I had a grand time dreaming of our lives out on the open road camping our lives away. That made me smile the entire day, well except for the 8 gang members sitting in our office. Hello private education!!

I came home on Wednesday to find a package for me on the counter from American Stationary but I hadn't ordered anything. UMMMM I opened the box to find personalized stationary wrapped up in a cute gift box from my mom! One of my new year goals for the last two years has been to get back to letter writing again and my wonderful mom saw that I needed some super cute stationary to help my endeavor! You never know when you might get a note from me in your mailbox, not your inbox on your computer. :)

So here was the big kicker of the week...we registered Big J for high school on Tuesday. Oh me oh my. I thought I was gonna throw up and Big J asked me if he could just go back to elementary school. We did make it through the big event, 16 minutes out of our day, and went home with his list of classes...Pre Algebra, Algebra support, Health and Human science, English 101, P.E., and Intro to Computers. Phew! I see a lot of homework in our future. Unfortunately with the budget cuts and "issues" going on in the district I'm unsure of our school choice and am doing a lot of praying for wisdom on making a change or staying where we are and just working hard at home. We will see but for now we are registered and ready for the first day!

So with us being all the way back at Tuesday here you can see why I said it's been an emotional week. Well to add to all that my poor boy is stressed beyond words with the work load he has right now at school and with upcoming state testing. The stress has led to him getting sick. Poor guy. He's had a fever and is just feeling puny. I hate to see him so stressed out, but his stress is valid and understandable. He does not test well at all and the upcoming test determine passing 8th grade and also the "level" needed to be ready for high school. It's confusing to me and frightening to him. I of course hide my confusion and continue to boost our son and help him in being a success, which he is already! I'm going to give him a ditch day in a few weeks and let him enjoy a day off from school with no stress. I'm thinking a day at the boardwalk and arcade is in store.

Still being on Tuesday here... On top of registration and stress, we came home to a phone call from my dad who called to tell us he's coming down for a visit!!!!!!!!!!! That call was by far the highlight of the week! We can't wait to see you dad!!! 2 weeks and counting!

So now we have finally gotten all the way back to Monday....Ahhhhh we had the day off! We watched movies, made a yummy dinner, stayed in our jammies all day and just hung. It was also a bit rainy, see the picture in the previous post...that was the result of at least an hour of thunder and lighting (which we NEVER get at the beach) and tons and tons of rain and hail. Pure bliss for us as we are total weather junkies here. Well I'm a junkie of everything but the wind which has prevented me from getting much sleep this week since I've been up praying all night long that the trees don't fall on us while we sleep! Other than that I am LOVING this weather!

The weather has been spring like the last few days but rain is expected back tomorrow. Our weekend has some great plans in it....a crab feed dinner with some good friends and just some good clean fun so we can move away from the emotional week we just had! So off we all go into the weekend ahead...have a wonderful one!


I can see why you need to focus on the positive. Egads!

Hugs...Keep smilin!

Okay, that's a lot for one week!

So sorry education is taking such a cut.... gangs in middle school??? What a week!

Totally cool that you will have a visit from your dad. That has got to ROCK!!!

dear lord that is a HUGE cut!! and what a week for you- you amaze me that you stay positive!!

by the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for my card!!! you are THE SWEETEST PERSON!! and i am horrible for not remembering to come here to thank you- that was the best surprise in my mailbox!!!

Wonder where all this money for Lottery is going if it is meant for schools... ummm... makes you wonder...