13 February 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009 - 12 comments

Winter Wonderland!

(picture taken in our front yard during a big storm passing through in December...the moon was so bright that night and the clouds were amazing passing by!)

The weather we are having right now is utterly amazing! One minute the sky is dark and outright scary looking and all of the sudden the sky opens up in a torrential down poor and seconds later there is only puffy white clouds and sunshine dripping down on you. Only to change in a matter of moments to freezing wind and snow pouring out of nowhere! NO joke, it snowed here for about 5 minutes. I've lived here 14 years and have only seen it snow on the beach one other time! The weather this weekend is expected to be more of the same but bigger and better. Oh boy! I love me a good rain storm.

So with that being the case we must go camping! Nothing like spending Valentine's weekend with the man you love snuggled up in the trailer overlooking the ocean! We're off to Half Moon Bay for the next few days to spend our last alone Valentine's Day together. Next year we will be blissfully in love with a little sweetness in our arms so we might as well act like teenagers while we can.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! The day of conversation hearts, roses and nothing but love is by far my favorite holiday! Sweet kisses to you all!


Happy v day to you!! I totally agree this weather is just strange. On monday I had to drive to riverside to pick up some hockey gear for the3 boys and we drove through 3 hail storms. My cousin is driving down from central CA right now and she said there was tons of snow on the grapevine and they were starting to only take escorts over the northbound side. CRAZY!! The Cajon is totally snowing and we are totally getting crazy rain. It is crazy!!

Christy :)

Happy Valentines Day!! What a cool picture!

Dan and I are off to Fleming's Steak house tongight and my wonderful husband booked a massage for me and a haircut for him at a spa tomorrow! Ugh can't wait! :)

Sounds like the perfect weekend to go camping...Have FUN!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


drop by for some fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Just found you blog...have a wonderful time!! Sounds like a great Valentine's Day : )

that is a beautiful picture

Our weather has been strange and beautiful like that, too. But no snow in LB so far!

Have a wonderful time with you hubby this Valentine's weekend.

Enjoy every second of your camping. ;)
Happy Valentine's Day to you...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for the card. It arrived at the PERFECT time. :-)


Oh the chills it gave me when you said this is the LAST Valentines Day without your snuggle gal....Jennifer! NEXT YEAR will be another amazing in many holidaies spent with our gals!

Thank you for the V.D. card and other sweet card... you are the best!

Hope you had a great time! That's wild about the snow on the beach. I think that would make me sad...I don't like snow too much.

oohh. That sounds so nice. Valentines at Half Moon Bay! Hope it was fabulous!!!!