23 February 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009 - 10 comments

I love me a good party!

I'm a huge party girl, always have been always will be. My parents can vouch for that, right guys?? Sorry I put so many gray hairs on your head at such an early age. Anyway, yes I love to have parties. Mike and I were discussing that we haven't been hosting too many parties in the last few years and we miss it. A LOT!

We used to host a really fun local wine and appetizer party for New Years Eve which was a blast because we'd make people go to local wineries to do tasting then bring their favorite wine to the party. I've also gone a bit overboard with Big J's birthday parties over the years, his first was a HUGE luau on the beach, had a fire truck come by to surprise him for his 3rd, a progressive Christmas Dinner throughout the neighborhood, a neighborhood Easter egg hunt and many more. I miss the planning, the fun of the event and the wonderful memories captured in pictures!

Well needless to say I'm attempting to get back out there and get the party rocking again. So this weekend we had some friends over for one of my favorite couples and kids dinner...a crab feast! I love doing this because the clean up is so easy...everything is disposable and can be rolled up in the newspaper I use for a tablecloth and gets thrown in the trash! We had fun with our kids talking about classes, teachers, the economy, video games and just hanging out together. After we gorged ourselves on bread, crab, artichokes and brownies we played some tennis and went bowling on the Wii. Good times! I of course took before pictures, but forgot the afters!

We are looking forward to the next parrrtayy! The talk for Big J's graduation party is already in the works and I think it's gonna be a blast!


You can come down here and plan Nick's graduation party..
I am not a great planner..
I need help...
Have a great week..

Looks like lots of fun. We love crab too!

Now that looks like one cool party!! Great food, nice and casual, and lots of fun. You guys rock.

What a party - I'd love to pop into one of those pictures and sample the delicous looking food - yummy! Have fun planning the next one!

-- kelly

PS - Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment - I'm a bad blogger in that I don't comment much - I'm trying to get better about that. Also, I love your blog design - very cool :-)

That looks like so much fun....I love crab feasts!!! Well, you know me....any excuse for a party!


What a great time!

Keep smilin!

How totally fun!! I love that party girl in you!! I think we may have been a leathal combo if we hung during the high school years.

Hay you, I have been meaning to thank you for the cards you have sent. They are so sweet and thoughtful. I have a big mail box and only get my mail once every 3 to 4 weeks-- really I am totally telling you the truth--it is pitiful but who wants bills--yuck!! Anyway, I just got the mail a few days ago and got your recent card. You are jsut a wonderfully thoughtful person and I appreciate you being a part of my life!!



Yum, I think by looking at that feast you had a very good time. ;)

What fun and it looks super yummy too!

Just curious, how do you cook crab? Can you believe I don't know how?! I enjoy it when out at restaurants but have never made it myself.

Have fun at Big J's grad party!!

I love a good party too! This party looks like a blast! My hubby would love the food!

P.S. My last A1C was a 6.2. I was thrilled!