27 January 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 6 comments

A new path ahead

(a view from our trip this last weekend...a big storm brewing with the sun filling the harbor at Morro Rock)

It all started with a missed call from school last Friday, no message was left so I thought nothing of it until Monday when I walked into work and remembered to ask. "Oh that call", was what my co-worker said, "that call was to remind you of the parent orientation meeting at the high school for all the 8th grade parents on Thursday." Um high school?? For what I'm thinking?? High school?? I listened to the message as she played it for me and I realized something. We are about to embark on a whole new journey. This is a path I'm not quite ready for, so the thought of it quickly vanished into the folds of my memory. Until later...

That afternoon when I check the mail, there it was again, a letter from the high school informing me of our first meeting with Big J's counselor in a few weeks. OH MY LORD! The blood ran out of my body and I felt faint. The message I heard earlier was real. My coworkers patting me on the back and telling me to hold on was real too. High school. I'm sorry have we already finished Kindergarten?? Um where the heck did 4th grade go?? And for that matter didn't I just put away the pictures from the 6th grade dance last week???? Is this really happening?? Are we really going on a tour and attend meet and greet tomorrow night at our sons future high school?? This letter in my hand on high school letterhead was the real thing. It's here. It's time.

After thinking about the feelings I have inside, I told Mike that I'm feeling a bit old, but yet I am way too young to have a high schooler. Too young. I feel like I just went to high school myself. It was one of the best times in my life. SO many changes. I know all too well what my son has no idea yet, what is about to happen to him. While I am scared shitless inside, I can not show that at all to my child. I can only offer him thoughts on what his plans are and guide him in making the best choices for him. But inside I am fully aware what lies ahead on this path for my son. Growth. Intellectual growth. Emotional growth. Spiritual growth. And of course the height thing too, yeah that already started...he's a mere centimeters away from looking down at me. He's all growing up on me.

In the last few days I have discovered I am far from alone in this new adventure and my inside emotions are replicated in more than just one of my friends. After talking with one friend about feeling so young and not being ready for this, she said she was feeling the same way. We agreed that this is all normal, hell our parents did it! And as I confirmed with another friend that she and her husband would be going to this meet and greet tomorrow, they too had that excitement in their voices but the wonderment of what lies ahead on our new path was evident in their minds.

I guess I knew this was coming, but I forgot to watch it coming. It's here and I'm as ready as any mom could be at this step. Scared. Excited. Worried. Proud. Sad. Adventuresome. And most of all filled with joy and wonderment! So hop on and grab a seat because the next four years will be filled with an entire new chapter of adventures....


I'm right beside you....xoxoxo,me

you are such an amazing mom that i just know you are going to soar through high school WITH him :O)

My younger sister's daughter only has one more year of high school. I feel so old!

You and J are going to love high school.


Okay..I am with you..
I can't believe how time flies..
Love the new look..
You are not old girly.. as long as you feel good and young you are...
Have a great weekend..
KyLee always tells me that the kids at school's parents are G'ma's age...
She doesn't get it..
I said that will be your sister.. because we will be OLD...

My oldest is a junior this year in high school. It does feel weird to have a child that old. There are big changes and the biggest is their growing independence. Driving, that's a big one. I've been pretty freaked out, but I take it in stride. Zach is making good decisions and I'm sure your son will too.
It's been emotional too, watching him grow up, knowing that very soon he will be leaving and off to start his own life.

I hear ya! I'm scared too. What scares me more than them starting High School is how quickly the four years that they are there will go by.....AND THEN WHAT??!!

Being a Mommy is not easy, but I love it!