08 December 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008 - 14 comments

It's out of the bag

I've managed to make it through almost four months without a word of our adoption to my new job, until today. It's been pretty funny to be honest with you. I've told the two pregger teachers where they can get good deals on diapers, I've shopped for baby shoes online with one of my coworkers and ooood and aaawwwwed over them, I've said other things that would make you think..."how does this lady know this when she has a teenager??" Our adoption is by no means a secret in this town or in the school, but my co-workers haven't known. I've had kids and parents come up to me in the office and ask when our little girl is coming home, but no one else but me was in the office so my "secret" remained hidden. I just haven't wanted to go into the whole thing with a new group of people, I'm not ready to answer the questions and explain why it's taken so long.

So today when my coworker asked why I wear a Chinese jade pendant everyday, it just came pouring out of my mouth. Her reaction was classic! "OMG!!" she was screaming. "Why haven't you said anything and oh this is just so dang exciting!!!" Of course she wanted to know why I haven't said anything and when I tried to explain how hard it's been and all, she just dismissed all my thoughts and said this is HUGE news for the school. She went on to ask me about a shower and tell me all the other children who are adopted from China, (one of which knows of our story and asks me all the time when her "sister" is coming home) and of course she wanted to know all the details.

Unfortunately I got sick an hour or so later (thanks to those damn pills, I'm so over this &#$%$) and I had to leave early, so tomorrow will be interesting when I walk in the door. I'm not sure my closest coworker can keep that kind of a secret and I'm not sure I made it clear about not making it tooooo public. Oh well. I can't wait to share with Jenny one day all the fun stories of her impending arrival. Good stuff.

Oh by the way, a few of you asked about the candles I got on Saturday. Check out the link to see where there is a retailer near you. The manufacturer is a local company here and once a year they open up their warehouse and sell for pennies, literally. They are my favorite candle and smell SOO good and they are all hand poured and last forever!!!


The cat is out of the bag but you know this is kind of cool becuse you are getting really close so to them it will seem like a normal wait-- not the horrendous wait you have endured. So, maybe you can really start getting into it now-- it is safe to start getting excited-- right??

Christy :)

It is so great to have support. I find people just don't ask anymore. It's a funny thing.

Have a good day Kayce.


Isn't it funny how people react!!

I have pretty much stopped talking about it...occasionally people will ask what is going on, but I get sick of the "Are you still waiting?...What is taking so long"

I think you are safe to let the cat out of the bag....you are getting close my friend!!

Good for you, I'm glad that you got a positive reaction and some encouragement.

You are getting close girly..
It is safe now..
I hear it all the time..
People will say.. I sure wish she would get here.. " YOU THINK"..
Hello what do you think I am thinking...
Have a Great Week..
Thanks for the link..

It will be so great to have your coworkers supporting you during the end of your wait! I'm glad you shared your good news.

Hee hee... kinda like announcing that you're pregnant, huh!

I hope they throw you the baby shower of the century!


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That is great that they are so happy and supportive. I have not told anyone at my new job. Easier to not have to answer questions. Gonna make it a surprise announcement when the time comes.

Keep smilin!

Seems a good time now for that cute cat to poke his head out of the sack.

Fun times ahead, mama.

It will be great to have lots of support of your co-workers because before long you will heading to China!!
Thanks for linking to the candles, wink...

It is wonderful your co-workers are so supportive. I haven't told anyone at my new job. I think they'd be okay with it but I'll still keep it to myself for now.

Seriously - eat some of that "baby shower" stuff up, girl! Shoot! That's what I'm talking about...


It's ok - they'll be so excited for you - it'll fuse some new life and excitement into the wait for you. (trust me)


Oh! How awesome! It will be nice to be around those who are excited and supportive while you wait out these last couple of months. I love the story of the student who is waiting for her "sister". :) too cute!

What a perfect candle to celebrate your referral day! love it! ;)

I don't know... good and bad it is out of the bag... hehehe... the endless 'Is she here yet?'... but then the burden of such a secret... hehehe...
If I don't drop in by Christmas... have a good one... life has been SO busy of late... I am behind in stuff... I admit it.. (but do think of ya)
Take care