12 December 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008 - 14 comments

Puttin it in bullets

* It's all business around here right now.

--Jacob is trying to finish up this quarter with his first honor roll nod. He's been a report writing fool, a test taking maniac and a veracious reader. He's taking all the good thoughts and prayers he can get. I've already told him that it's the hard work and focus that we're happy with, he's already a shining star in our eyes.
--Mike has been working late or working early AND finishing the family/play room. He's also just trying to get to the end of the year for a much needed break. Thank you babe for busting butt! Cutie! ;)
--I've been selling books like a crazed bookworm. I've got two show this week, one of which happened and the other is Sunday. Oh between those I've been cleaning and working at school. Where am I?

*Lice is going around one of the elementary schools like wildfire right now and I'm really grossed out by that. Just saying.

*At my book show on Wednesday I was blessed to meet a little bit of sunshine named Katrina. She was brought home from Russia in October and is just the cutest little thing! After chatting with her mom for a few minutes about our adoption and hers she asked if we blogged. HA! Turns out she also blogged prebaby (no time now :) ) and she said how much the blogging community helped her through the wait and just how important her blog was to their family for support. Sounded so familiar. The blogging community is the best, all of you!! We exchanged numbers and plan on seeing eachother again soon.

*We are expecting a huge storm tonight! FINALLLLLLY! Snow in the mountains by Sunday, huge surf and rain through the week next week. Oh joy, school should be fun with 750 kids ready for break, crazy teenage hormones and rain...I'm sensing a lot of suspensions and detentions in the future.

*Our tree is going up tomorrow, in our new room. :) I'll put up pictures soon.

*The Dis!ny package came yesterday! I can't wait to see the expression on someones face when that gets opened Christmas afternoon.

*Jacob and his bf (our 2nd son) chose to not go to a bonfire beach birthday party tonight because there was talk of drugs and alcohol being present. Insert proud mama and dad smile here.

*Our agency got their Hague Accreditation back. Yea!!! Referrals arrived this week and the CC!AA is now up to February 23, 2006. Closer and closer we get! I saw a ladybug yesterday inside the house I was cleaning. :) I'm hoping by this time next month I can say there are less than 30 days of LIDs ahead of us. All of us are beginning to get excited around here. Talk of what to do when our referral comes, thinking about how to set up the play room, and just plain having fun talking about the little girl we love so much already. Congratulations to all the families who are seeing their childs for the first time! Pipo, you are next girl. NEXT!!!!

*And finally I leave you with a few pictures of what the girls have been up to because they are feeling left out lately and they are super duper cute!

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Sounds like Jacob is son to be proud of in many ways: hope he gets his Honor Roll wish.

You have such a great boy...You must be so proud of him..and boy will he be surprised on CHristmas!!

Those pictues were so cute......loved the dogs sitting at the table.....the look on their faces was priceless!!

Proud of you Jacob for being such a responsible, mature young man!
Hope you get your snow wish, if not let me know, I'll send you some, wink!
We have more!! than enough already, LOL..
Can't wait to see your tree..

Just showed your video to the girls, they giggled themselves silly, they loved it.
Thanks for sharing..

You want snow??? Come up here, we've had about 1/2 a metre in a week! And it's now freaking cold. I hate winter.

Great slide show! I'm enamored with your pups. They are just gorgeous girls!

I just had a student go home with lice yesterday. Yuck! Makes me feel itchy just thinking about it.

We've battened down the hatches here too in anticipation of a cold, wet week. I just hope it's all done by Friday because we have to drive out to Vegas then.

You have been busy..
Love the pictures of the girls..
they are darling..
Hugs girly..

Bring on the rain! We're ready too.

Your boy sounds so very cool. I wish we lived closer so we could get to know him (and you too :)).

Lice - BTDT. Last year with both girls. You never look at your kid's head the same way once they get it. You get obsessed. I still check them all the time. It's gross, and a giant pain in the booty ...but curable (and preventable). Bought a magnifying lamp for just that reason. Best investment I made. Keep some NIX on hand just in case.

Cute girlies. :)

good luck Jacob, that is so awesome!!

i'm so phyched for Connie!!! i think she'll be the first blog friend i've met that gets a referral~!!! plus dang man we've all been following her for like EVER, right?!

can't wait to see your tree :O)

You're keepin' it hotfootin! I'm looking forward to seeing the room reveal.

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm just biding my time for the big day!

Lice? Ugh...yep, I do believe my skin just crawled. There's a bedbug outbreak in the Cincy area. Great googly-moogly. Gross. I am hoping to stay bug free on all accounts. A healthy dose of cat butt should keep and bedbugs in check ;0)

Way to go Jacob! I love winter snows. Your pooches are so cute. I am looking forward to the tree.

Stay warm!

Hey friend,

Hope u have a good week!


Life is never boring...is it?! "Go Jacob" for blowing off the party! I was the one throwing those parties at his age....what's wrong with me?!

Lice?! Sick!

Book selling....yeah!


Play room...can't wait to see it!

D Land....I'm so jealous!

way to go Jacob...you must be very proud...hope you got your snow.....we have some...but I really don't like winter very much! lol