07 December 2008

Sunday, December 07, 2008 - 15 comments

A little baby love

How did we spend a childless weekend? Well we sure as hell didn't sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, that's for sure! On Friday after work I suggested that we hop in the car and head down to LA to see our niece and nephews in their Christmas play instead of sitting at home doing nothing. After a lot of thought, we thought it would be best to stay home and "find something to do". Well after "asking" Mikey MANY times if we could start on the playroom, I was surprised when he said okay!


Well we got started early Saturday by me running of to buy candles and Mike knocking out the circa 1970's lava rock fireplace..... Byebye fireplace! Byebye rock! Hello strange gray haired man in my house...oh that's my husband!

I came home carrying at least $600+ dollars in these candles and I payed less than $100. Score!
I even found this one to light on the day we get our referral!

But now it's time for me to work....So off we go to H*ome D#epot to get the supplies needed to make a perfect space for people large and small. Byebye yucky rusty-orange, hello primer!

Where there was once a fireplace there is now a new wall and a sneak peek at the wall color. The "new" wall also has a reason....but I have to leave that until later, just because I want to leave you hanging on for more.

Carpet comes next weekend and painting will be finished this week when we get home from work. Oh man tomorrow is going to be a long day waiting until Big J get home from school and see's what "his" space is turning into. hehehehe I'm all giddy! When it's done, I'll finish this post......


I love home projects that let you see what your husband will look like an as old man--they are all too familiar at my house!

I look forward to the results. Way to go on the motivation factor!

LOVE the new room already.. can't wait to see it finished..
And the candles.. OMW..... THOSE are tooooo cute..
Dragonfly is my favorite..
Do you have a store..???
Hugs girly..
Have a Great Week..

Wow I cant belive how much you guys have done in such a short amount of time-- that is sooo cool!!! Love the new color- I think it will be really nice. I cant wait to see the finished product. Beautiful candles-- I love them as well!!

Hugs and post pics soon!

Christy :)

That is very exciting!!! Can't wait to see the new space decorated for a wee little one!

candles look fantastic!

Have the BEST day my friend.


Yowsa! Tear it up, girl. I LOVE transformations like this. It's like getting a whole new house. I REALLY look forward to seeing the end result.

Ahhhh, that special candle. I look forward to seeing a picture of that one burning.

You two are the best! Did Mikey wear a mask when he took the plaster and rock down???

Love your candles!


Way to keep busy!

Love the candles and the reno. Even all dusty, your hubs/handyman ain't bad!

Keep smilin!

So looking forward to seeing the finished room - complete with occupant :)

I cannot wait to see more....you have been BUSY!!! I bet big J will be shocked!!


He is a handy guy to have around.
I can't wait to see the playroom

I can't wait to see it when everything is done!

I love all that descriptive info and shots, you had me hooked till the end. So fun getting a brand new room! Lucky to have such a handy husband!! Looks like it will be gorgeous and love the candles too!!! I cannot wait till you light that celebrate!!!!!!!!!!

I love renovating! Looks like you guys are well on your way to making a great playroom.

OMG!!! I'm so excited!! I just know this room will be fun and fun-filled when Jennifer arrives! I look forward to pictures all along the journey! ;)