23 October 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008 - 11 comments

Nothing much just some notes on life

Life seems to be moving at rapid pace here, it's already Thursday and next week is already Halloween! I realized on Monday that I've got to start planning for Thanksgiving, which is usually held at our house and is attended by at least 20 people for a sit down meal together. I do love it and I so love planning the day. So the planning has begun...who's bringing what, renting table and chairs and so on and so on. I imagine this will be the last day of thanks without our Jennifer. (Insert huge smile here.)

Yesterday we started an expected week of unusually hot weather, like 80 to 100 here. Very weird! I opened the house this morning at 7:30 because it is already that hot. With the heat we have a really warm wind blowing and it's absolutely beautiful outside. The weather man is telling us to expect this weather for at least the next week. Okay I guess I can't wear my new sweaters yet. Is is August or October??

School has been crazy this week! Kids being brats and getting suspended left and right. Yesterday we had at least 5 suspensions in the 4 hours I was there. Two kids got 5 days off for bringing mom's medicine cabinet to school and offering kids anything they wanted. Allrightythen! I guess the pills were mostly diet pills, vitamins and over the counter stuff, but dang that's not okay. Another girl was caught stealing girls clothes from the locker room and telling the PE teacher to go somewhere. A few others were sent home for being disrespectful and outright a$$holes. And to top off the behavior issues, we had to call out the sheriff to deal with some other stuff and CPS came by to talk to another child. Needless to say it was a doosey of a day for the administration and everyone was happy to go home at the end of the day. Unfortunately for me I bring these kids home with me in my heart and fret over them in my mind. I just want to save them all. They are children who mostly come from bad homes or no home (they are in a childrens home) and I just want to make their little lives better.

On a lighter note....the weekend is quickly approaching and not much is planned around our casa. I do get a day by myself which I am sooooo looking forward to! Since I started working I don't get an alone day anymore, so this will be a treat for me! I'm thinking I'm just going to putter around the house and have the music on REALLY loud. I've got to get ready for a holiday bazaar that I'm selling at and I'm thinking another sunrise walk is in order. Oh and we've got to go find a new stove, ours broke on Monday.

I hope everyone is having a great week and your weekend plans include some fun times! Hugs everyone!


It's so hot here as well... and it's going to stay this way though Saturday... ugh. We're hosting a dinner party for 25 on Saturday night and I was hoping for cooler weather!

I think we're all affected negatively by fire weather.

But man, this time of year is just soooo busy!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Send us some heat, we have mitts and winter coats on today, thinking of lighting fireplace, LOL!!
Sorry about the kids this week, how sad, wonder what their homelife is like?
Have a wonderful weekend..

Sorry you had a tough day at work. There are so many lost children in our societies; and they'll always stay with you in your heart and mind. I've no answers or solutions - just empathy. Hugs.

Maybe there is something in the air at the nation's schools. :) I had to send a student to the office today for the first time this year. (I try to only use the office as a means of last resort.)

I can't believe October is almost over and it is time to plan for Thanksgiving. Sounds like you are going to be BUSY!!

Enjoy the sunrise walk and stove shopping. I secretly wish mine would break. I can't stand the one we have.


Enjoy your day to yourself! Love the photo of your daugher's room. I really need to get to work on mine. Man, next week is Halloween??? I'd better get on the stick (ha, broom joke). Yeah, lame I know.

Hey friend! Love the picture! Is that more of the nursery?!!

Have a great weekend.


What a tough day...I would be fretting over some of those children too....hopefully tomorrow is a better day for you!

I love hosting Thanksgiving...we did it last year, but had to pass it to my sister in law this year!!

Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

Have a Great Weekend..
Love the picture..
can't wait till we have our little girls all over our blogs..
Hugs girly.
Have fun..

It's amazing how much our lives mirror one another. It's hot here (way, way too hot for Oct) and the kids at school we horrible this week!!! There must be something in the air (something besides heat that is).

Have a great weekend!

Hope your enjoying "your" day! I am excited for the weekend as well. I'm catching up on my favorite bloggy friends and then off to make my favorite, oatmeal, strawberry, choc. chip pancakes! mmm ;)