24 October 2008


So what is it? what is it all about?

Very curious here!!

Christy :)

How fun is that! What a cute lady bug. Is it a clippy kinda thingamajig?

I have been the recipient of that little lady too last year. She holds a special place on my fridge.

Keep smilin!

FUN! I have one on my fridge too!!!

If something is in the air, I hope it is referrals:)

Love the bug....so cute!!

that happened to me... a year ago??
same thing, envelope, and same magnet lady but and STILL don't know who it came from!! so cool you got one too!

yep, same writing too... interesting...

How cute is that!

Still waiting for some links to that stroller and diaper bag. LOVE THEM!


Have a Great Weekend..

What a wonderful surprise!

How fun! I love mailbox surprises! :)