21 October 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 - 14 comments

All things baby

The last few weeks I've had major baby brain. MAJOR baby brain. I've been having dreams about "family day", stressing about what's NOT done, day dreaming instead of concentrating, and more dreams about Jennifer and looking for the perfect stroller, car seat and diaper bag.

SOO after looking for many years, (okay only 2 years) for a diaper bag, I have finally found one I LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Okay I know, a diaper bag is a diaper bag, but ohhhh I love this bag. It even comes in purple. Call me frivolous, but omy. It wont be the diaper bag for China, but I think it will be in the car waiting for us when we get back. ;)

As for the stroller...um why didn't anyone tell me that the BOB is now available in these perfect colors.

Omy again. Love the subtle pink and I already know that this stroller is a perfect fit for beach walks, camping and all that comes in between. And as for the car seat...I just love this one...

As for the dreams, I've not had too many vivid dreams during this journey, but lately I've had some pretty weird ones regarding our adoption. The last was all of us in the civil affairs office waiting for our sweetness and when she is brought to us she is blue eyed, and is so obviously not Chinese. I say this is a mistake and they say no it's not. They then tell me that her name is the same as mine and that's why they matched us. I tell them that she is not Chinese and they tell me no but that she is from China. Ummmm OK? What the heck does that one mean?

I've been feeling so excited lately.

So excited.

All of us are......


Enjoy every minute of your dreams. The reality will be here soon. I love all the goodies you've picked out! When's the baby shower??!! tee hee

Im so happy you are excited-- it must be getting close!!!

OK, love the diaper bag!! It is soooo cute!!

I cant belive you didnt know I have the pink and chocolate bob!!! I love it and it is by far the best stroller in the world!! You can steer it with one hand through the crowds at Disneyland-- it is really that good. Laila has one as well and we both think the world of them-- you have to get one!!

The car seat is the Boulevard by Britax-- right?? If so, that is the same one I have nad I love it as well. I have the Shannon print-- really girly (laila has that one as well). You will not be disappointed in the car seat and the stroller--both the best!!!

Christy :)

Diaper bag is darling..
I didn't know the bob was in pink either.. I will be getting one of those....
And as for the carseat... I am going Briax.. but waiting till exact day so that I can see all the neat colors.. they keep coming out with cuter ones..
You are getting there girly..
One day we will all have our little girls ...

SUCH a cute diaper bag!

As for your dream, am I lame if I say I think it means when you see her, you'll see yourself reflected in her as your daughter?

Ok, sentimental fool. I know.

LOVE THESE! but, oh my goodness, can you give me some links~!


I've never seen that stroller before. I think I am going to have to investigate that one!!! :)

You're right, there is a "Baby Buzz" in the air. It feels good again, not so dang dreary.

I think that you need patent leather boots to match that diaper bag! Red or purple would be just right. xo

I love all of your baby must haves!

You should have baby brain....you are getting oh so close....so exciting!!

Love those BOB colors! Of course I love BOB in whatever color I can shove! It's a wonderful jogger! I'm not a diaper bag girl, but that's spiffy.

I have had only one dream that I recall. I wrote it in my journal it was that vivid. It was about referral. I have no idea how it will be in China so maybe that is why I have not had one like yours.

Excitement is contagious!!!

Keep smilin!

Cool diaper bag.

And of course I love that stroller. It's pink! I'll have to check into the details too.

Sassy goodies, woman!

Love the bag :0)

Oh my gosh! The BOB has been at the top of my want list for years and now it comes in pink! woohoo!

Your bag is so fun too! love it!

As for the carseat, since we live a state away it wouldn't be bad if we had the same carseat would it? I LOVE this! :)

Glad your having fun shopping! We are getting closer and what's a mom to do but shop for her much awaited little one! ;)

Looks like you're nesting! This stuff is great! Love that bag (I'm a bag addict)!

I love the pink Bob stroller too. Do they make it in a double? Makes me wish my kiddos weren't getting too big for strollers!


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