18 October 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008 - 15 comments

A day for the dogs, oh and fingerprints too...

With both the girls bathed, trimmed and looking good, we headed up to our first dog show. Oh boy! I've never quite been one for dog shows except to watch one on TV, but man did we have a blast! We really didn't know what to expect except that we were to be in a parade of rescues with the group we rescued Summit through, ESRA. We arrived at the fairgrounds to discover an entire different lifestyle. These dog show folks take their game seriously. The motor homes where PHENOMENAL, the dogs were BEAUTIFUL, and the amount of products to peruse was INCREDIBLE!!!

Of course we have a ton of pictures, but only of the Springers, we kinda walked around in awe of all the different breeds and all the stuff. Enjoy the slide show...

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To add to our already fun Saturday we went and updated our fingerprints on the way home. It was funny this time to me, I knew what to do and how to do it and just what to expect. Nothing was different except this time the lady asked me TONS of questions about our daughter and it felt so right to share everything with her. The last four times I've been, no one has said a word to me or Mike except call our number. We both walked out of the building with huge smiles and dreaming.

Tomorrow we are having our families over for Sunday dinner. The weather has been awesome and tomorrow should be no different! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hey go hug someone!!!


Love the pup shots. They ARE so cute...gotta love 'em.

Happy Fingerprints (wow, that sounds weird). Ah well, one more time down is always good.

How fun! The parade I mean. Not sure about the fingerprints :)

Thank you so much for the beautiful card. It really brightened my day.

I wish I could give you a hug as a thank you, but I guess that will have to wait until Christmas when I see you at Disneyland. Can't wait!

I was just on my way over here and you were visiting me!! How funny! John and I just got home from bring B2 to the after parties after Homecoming. I am trying to stay awake until John leaves to go back and get them from that!! Crazy.

I am so glad you got that fingerprinting redone, What a weight off your shoulders that must be. One step closer! It is getting so close!!!

Have you done a nursery yet? (Sorry if I missed it) I love looking at those so let me know>

Hugs and Prayers!!
PS Have a nice night!

Hannah loved pictures of the 'pretty dogs'!

What pretty dogs....great photos!!

Glad you got the fingerprints done...yes, at this point I would say we are all pros!!

Enjoy your family dinner, sounds like a great afternoon!


Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. Well, except the fingerprinting part. But at least that's done. Again. LOL!

Sounds like a wonderful Sat..
Love the fur-babies..
And that will be your last fingerprinting appt..
Have a Great Sunday..

Wow! What an awesome event! I just love how proud they become when participating in these events.

Congratulations on your ribbon Summit! You look great! :)

We are getting fingerprinted on the 28th and our 3rd homestudy is this Thursday. Who knew we'd be doing this 3 times! ;) I'm almost positive there won't be a 4th for either of us and for that I am grateful! ;)

I'm sure your enjoying your company today. Dan and I just returned from a hike and breakfast. Now off to a nap...ahhh :)

What a great weekend, beautiful dogs, dreams and family, can it get any better. ;)

I can sleep alot easier knowing we don't have to worry about the I800a and therefore... the trek to get the Fingerprint Office isn't so bad...
Just to think that there is a highly likely chance that our babies are out there right now or being born as I write this... just waiting for us... what an exciting and eerie thought...

Glad the fingerprinting went good for you guys. It's about time that one thing went smoothly with your local CIS services!

What a fun dog show! You are so correct that people take that so seriously and really get into it. I love the movie Best in Show-- that is such a great movie and it so typifies some of the dog show people.

Sucks you have to finger print again but this should be the last time-- right?? Anyway, hope you had a good dinner on Sunday!


Christy :)

Dog Show people are a rare 'breed'. ;o) I used to show in obedience and I would always be amazed by the conformation people.

You had your fingerprints done FOUR times? We have had them done twice. I know we will have to go once more, but Jeepers, I hope that is it!!

Zoe is with me she is saying doggy and pointing!

I've never been to a dog show live, that looks like it would have been so cool!!

Glad you got the prints done and that it was such a positive experience!