02 September 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008 - 7 comments

I'm a big girl now!

Saturday morning I woke up to yet another socked in foggy day and a house filled with dirt from the yard dust and said to myself, "self, you need to get away from this!" So I walked outside and told my sweet wonderful husband that I was gonna freak out if I had to dust, vacuum and deal with another foggy weekend and that I was going for a drive. He looked at me like I'd finally gone crazy. WHAT???? ARE???? YOU???? TALKING???? ABOUT?????

A drive to LA. Because I need to see these sweet faces!

Okay this sounds cool yeah, but I am scared shitless of driving by myself on long trips. I have fears of narrow lanes, major traffic, people hitting me and the list goes on. AND I haven't driven to LA by myself in 11 years. So when I said what I was doing the surprise was apparent. Did I go?

Hell yeah I went! And I was so psyched I smiled the entire way and am ready to do it again next week. I wish! I concurred one of my biggest fears straight on and it felt so good to accomplish it, so good. I am beyond proud of myself.

The best part was, my bbff (biker babe friends forever) was over the moon surprised and was estatic that I was there to help with the kidos. Her hubby was working double shifts all weekend, so I couldn't have picked a better surprise for her. We took the twins to buildabear for the first time and had a movie night and she and I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just talking. 36 hours was not enough.

Now that I've done the drive once, I know I can do it again and can not wait for the chance to do it again. All I need is a good supply of Diet Coke and my iPod which went through about 1400 songs in the 12 hours of driving round trip. Perfect!

Thanks Sarah for everything, including being you and you loving me for me! Now it's me picking you up on my way to Vegas baby! See you in 24 days..... Hey Grant! How were those Popsicles we made? Gavin...no more mud buddy!!! And my sweet princess Lilly...as always thanks for sharing your tiaras with me. Cliff...be careful out there getting the bad guys and thanks for keeping the roads safe for me while I was out there. I love you all!!!!!


What cute kids!!

You are brave...I drive a lot for work and don't know that I would ever tackle LA by myself....looks like it was worth all the worry....sounds like a wonderful weekend!


Yeah for you for facing your fear head on! :)

Worth the drive!
You did it, I love your spunk!1

You go girl! L.A. is no easy feat, but you done did it. Glad it was worth being brave for and that you had an awesome time with your friend.

Way to face your fears and just do it! So very proud of you! What darling kids! I can just see you packing up Jennifer and hanging for the weekend.

Great news on the referral front! Closer, my friend, we are getting closer!


Good for you, woman!!!!! I know just what you mean. And those are seriously cute kids!!

We've been to LA. That was scary. Good on you!