02 September 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008 - 10 comments

Moving Forward!

Referral news from our agency!

Children's Hope International received 22 referrals today, 02 September 2008. There were 21 beautiful girls and one handsome little boy in this group of referrals. The families that received referrals had LID's of 09 February 2006 and there was one Chinese expedited family with a LID of January 22, 2007. The children are from Beijing and the Jiangxi, Shaanxi, and the Guangdong Provinces. These beautiful children ranged in ages of five months to nine months old. In addition there was a 29 month old, a three year one month old, three year two month old, three year 11 month old, and a four year one month. The parents that received the children over 24 months fell within the range of what the families requested or the parents were with in the age guidelines for a toddler. Congratulations to all of these families!

Families waited 31 months for their referrals and the Chinese expedited families waited 19 months. The CCAA sent referrals out for families with LID's of 2/1/06 through 2/9/06. The next LID for Children's Hope families is 2/17/06.

Congratulation's to all the families that are seeing their children's faces for the first time! We celebrate with you all!

And with that we've got 35 (I hope I counted that right!) days ahead of us!


Slowly... ever so slowly we are creeping up to my date... though they had best hurry cause I will be going into a Nursing Home by the time Shauna reaches school... hehehe

SCREAM!!!!! Isn't this just so exciting?! Getting so close!

Awesome news!!!

When I saw the LID to Feb 9 I totally thought of you and thought it was getting close to you. There are people talking that they may get into March next month-- maybe a bit too optimistic but hay, you are getting close!!! I can not imagine the excitement of seeing the face of your little one for the first time!!! I just cant wait!!

Hay, are you comming down this weekend? If so, maybe some lunch/ coffee or whatever. Would love you to see Mia again!!

Christy :)

AHHHH, you are getting so close, this is terrific news.
I was so excited to see how many refferals came in this month, bring them on, I was hoping for a speed up after the Olympics!!

This is good news....I am thrilled....you are so close Kayce....hang on...your day is coming soon!!!


Thirty five days??? I can't even imagine what that would feel like! So excited for you!

Great news! 1/3 of February 2006 is behind us!

so close my friend. so close! i can't wait to see you go to China.


It's good. Very good. I'm really getting excited!