29 September 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008 - 14 comments

Home...for a minute.

What an incredible weekend! We were busy from the time we got off the plane on Thursday night until we just got home from work today. I need another trip from my trip to recoup! Oh but wait! We leave Friday for a camping trip to Morro Bay! So I'll barely be here this week as I unpack, regroup, repack, and go again. But for now here's a recap of our fabulous LA trip.

Saturday Sarah, Lilly and I went to be girly and got our nails done which was wonderful for us since the day before was spent shopping, getting last minute wedding stuff done for the bride (Sarah's mom). After nails I was SOOOO lucky enough to meet up with fellow blogger Christy and Mia from To Mia with love. With all of us being so busy, we grabbed sandwiches, cookies and just sat outside and chatted the hour away. It was so cool to see Christy and Mia again since the last time I saw them was when I just happened to look up and see Mia's little face staring at me over a year ago in a restaurant. Funny thing is that Sarah and Christy are practically neighbors and have many mutual friends AND Christy is best friends with some very old friends of mine. SMALL world! ANYWAY, the time was tooo short, but so wonderful. It was great to meet Christy's sister Cassey and to just reconnect with each other. I'm thinking we'll be seeing each other again when we're down in December. Oh and by the way folks...Mia is to die for cute! I bought her a cookie and I think that may have helped with her sitting on my lap for a few minutes. ;)

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any better, it did! Michelle from Searching for Sophie decided to go for a drive to see me! I was so surprised and SO happy! I thought we would have more time to meet up on Friday or something, but I so didn't plan right, so wonderful Michelle came to me. We hung out and just talked and watched the kidlets runamuck. Besides seeing her smiling face, Michelle also brought me the most incredible gifts!

This girl is so talented!!! The scrapbook of Molly is so special to both Mike and I. She also made me a beautiful wall hanging that matches my kitchen beautifully! Talent!! Thank you so much Michelle for making the drive to the mountains to see me, it ment so much.

Bright and VERY early Sunday morning I got up and had to be ready for the limo to pick us up at 8am. UGGG!! By the time the limo showed up I was done up head to toe and ready to go! We picked up the bride and made our way to the Long Beach Port to the cruise ship and got ready for some serious fun. By 4pm Mike and I had to be off the ship so it could set sail and as we watched it sail away we were looking for a place to go book our next vacation! HA! Many of the wedding guests, including Sarah, Cliff and the kids, went on the cruise with the couple. The party was just getting started when we disembarked. I can't wait to see the pictures when you all return!!!

Finally around 11pm last night we arrived home.

Dead. Tired.

I'm sure there are a few of you wondering how the exhole was....well he was his usual exholey self. As Mike and I were finishing our fillet mignon (yum) he came to our table to inform me that Jacob would be home around 4pm on Monday. UMMMMMM, I'm thinking, NO, Jacob has school on Monday. When I looked dumbstruck at him and said "excuse me?", he said "oh I guess I forgot to tell you that." Yeah he didn't forget to "tell" me that, he choose not to "ask" me if it was okay to not send J to school then drop the news on me when there was nothing I could do in a room full of his family. Needless to say I had to be restrained, (thanks to my hubby, Sarah and Cliff) from jumping over the table to light into him. Of course I put on my smile and proceeded to finish my meal and graciously ended the great day without giving him the fight he wanted. Thank God for my husband who confronted him later and said that what he did was pretty much uncool. I love you babe!

I'm so not ending this post with my ex....so here's a sneak peak of where we're going this weekend.... Oooooo I can't wait!

Oh and today we had our monthly Chinese dinner....to celebrate our LID anniversary! 30 months down and still keeping the faith!


Sounds like an action packed trip....and a lot of fun...and the best part...you get to go away again this weekend!

What beautiful gifts....that was so sweet of Michelle!

Have a great week!


Busy weekend, indeed!

Morro Bay will be great this time of year. Enjoy!

Wow, I need a nap to rest up just from reading about your busy self!

Sounds like fun for all (spare the exhole of course). Such sweet gifts.

Enjoy your weekend to come!

I'm so glad I made the drive. I'm glad you liked the gifts. I dropped a little something in the mail today for Jake that I forgot to give you(shocker! :). Have a great time in Morro Bay.

Happy 30 months. You are getting closer!

I'm counting down the days until Disneyland!

Funtimes!!! Love Morro bay!!! I am glad you took the highroad and not let the EX-Hole get the best of you!

Man, 30 months down! You have got to be getting close girl! I just love little Mia, what a doll. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

I loved meeting with you guys-- it was so fun and I literally could have sat and talked to you all day. We had a blast and cant wait to see you again!!!

Have fun at Morro bay!!

Christy :)

I guess you are busy washing and re-packing now!

Happy 30 months down!

Happy 30 months..
What a wonderful time..
You are soo lucky to have met Mia and Christy.. I will meet them one day.. not soon enough though..
Have a Great Week..

Busy and fun and wonderful! Love that you are enjoying life.

30 done!

Keep smilin!

Wow! It sounds like you had a great weekend! So much fun!! Enjoy your camping trip..it looks like a beautiful location!

Thanks for the comment...boy, you HAVE been busy...have a great time in Morro Bay. Let's get together when you get back. love ya sis!

Gorgeous wedding, you looked stunning Kayce!
Good for you for not letting the exhole get to you in front of everyone, that backfired for him didn't it, LOL.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Your a busy girl!

Happy 30 down!