02 October 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008 - 14 comments

What is really going on

It has been a while since I've really checked in and written anything about life's happenings in our house besides the constant party going on! So here's a little snippet of what is really going on.

First and foremost I have to acknowledge an award I received from Kerri at The Monkey King!

Thank you so much Kerri for the smile award! BUT it is you and your beautiful girls that make me smile! :) Thank You for thinking of me and for always being so positive with comments and your posts! The quote in the above picture is SO true!

I also have to post a cute little "thank you" I received from Miss Lea! This little sweetie sits on my kitchen counter and always makes me smile. Thank you Lea!

Our lawn is finally in! We have a few more pours of cement to go, but other than that the dust has ended, the green is back and the gopher is G.O.N.E! We are moving plants from other parts of the property to fill in the blanks and will get more roses when we're ready. Mike did such a beautiful job on everything and we are all loving it! Jacob skates around, Mike and I sit in our chairs and talk after work at night and the dogs run around crazy!

We've been doing some small changes in the nursery, nothing major just hanging artwork, moving furniture and dreaming. It seems the closer we get the more excited Mike gets, it's actually really cute. On one of my trips to LA, I came back with bags of clothes to add to Jenny's wardrobe, she's now even got a cute pair of rain boots to splashing in puddles with! I've been so blessed with bags of clothes from friends. I've got clothes from 3 months to 4T now all washed and packed away in clear storage boxes in lil J's closet. Blessed I say! Blessed. Oh and it makes for a happy husband because it means his wallet isn't TOOOOO effected. ;)

Our next endeavor will be the playroom/family room. It currently has a large wood stove in it and is painted a gross rust color, but we will be removing the stove, carpet and paint color and brightening it up a bit. Last weekend I found some pretty cool wall vinyl that I'm really wanting to put in there...check it out. I love the black cut outs of the kids playing.

My job is still wonderful and yes I am still so loving it! I have yet to tell anyone there about the adoption though, I just can't go there yet with people who don't know already. Funny thing is though, several kids have asked when Jennifer is coming home and a few parents and friends have posed the same question. Overall the job is fab, the only downfall is the crap that some kids have to go through at home, it just makes me so sad at how many kids are in such horrible situations. If I could take them all home I would, but for now I just make sure they know I'm there if they need a hug or someone to talk too. I'm hopeful that I'll be up to 24 hours soon and then I can say gooooooodbye to my cleaning business.

Summit is doing SOOOO good! We are taking her to a reunion of sorts in a few weeks and will be meeting up with her foster parents and other rescue dogs from ESRA. There will be a parade of rescued dogs and lots of other great activities for all. Ella has completely changed since Summit arrived. She's gone from a carefree pup to a mama hen watching her baby, she wont let Summit too far out of her sight and is always making sure all is good.
All the while, Summit is a bundle of energy that is the most loving dog I've ever met. She is pure joy. Pure joy!

Jacob is still doing great in school, he actually has a good chance of making honor roll this quarter, we will see. He started taking the bus home a few weeks ago, which is something he's never wanted to do but is now wanting to help with gas costs or maybe there's actually a girl on the bus, I'm not sure. But anyway I meet him at the top of the street and we walk home together with the dogs, about a mile. It's great for me since I haven't had much of a chance for my beach walks lately. Win Win!

I'm hoping things will slow down here in our house, but I'm not too sure, it seems the calendar is pretty full for a bit yet. No problem there since it seems to make the time waiting for Jenny so much faster! Tomorrow can't come fast enough! We haven't been camping since August and we are all JONESING!!! Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll post pics of our trip for you next week. For now I must get back to packing up the trailer.....


Great things going on!

We too have been given a TON of clothes and I am going to share the pics soon. We are so blessed.

Keep smilin!

It was great to get an update on your "stuff".... love Jenny's room and closet! Have fun camping at Morro Bay!

Life sounds very good!

Have to say that I think the photo of your lawn, with the trees around the edge of the property, makes it look like a very peaceful and calm place to chill out.

You have been busy. The yard looks great! I am excited about that hip new link.

The yard looks terrific!!

WOW have you been busy, between the trips, the house and your job....do you ever stop?

You are getting oh so close....very exciting!


Your life sounds as busy as mine, which is why my nursey is not getting down. So, here's what I was thinking. I'll kick Doug and the boys out of the house one weekend, you and Stephanie can hop on a plane and fly down to Phoenix and the three of us will bust out the nursey!! Just let me know what weekend works for you! Ha Ha

All great stuff!

So goof to hear from you :0)

Keep on keepin' on.

LOVE the yard.. looks amazing..
And the clothes.. LOVE IT.. you know me..
Sounds like things are going well.
Have a Great Weekend..

Your yard looks great! So does the nursery!

It sounds like you are in a sweet season of life and looking forward to the future. What a great place to be in!

Welcome back! You have been just a little busy.

Glad to hear everything is going well for you.

Ella is adorable! Summit sounds to cute. How do you get involved with the ESRA?


Have a great trip!

I am lucky to have all of Gracie's hand me downs too. So lucky!

Your yard looks AMAZING... god I wish i had grass and not weeds!! LOVE how you have added some very sweet touches to the nursery and the plans for the playroom look fab (I'll have to mark that site and browse it)... glad to hear Summit is doing so well... love that pic! And way to go on doing so well, hope he makes honor roll! You guys are certainly living life to its fullest!!

Kerri and Lea are fabulous!
I just love seeing people's baby closets. It makes me feel better about how much I have buying for Sophia. I've been sticking to the lower sizes though. Maybe I should start looking more at 3's and 4's.
Your grass is so green...fabulous!

U know, I love, that nursery. Have a good weekend.