18 August 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008 - 8 comments

Welcome to Monday Morning Reading Adventures!

Hello and welcome!

Today marks the begining of a weekly introduction of children's books offered for sale on Barefoot Books. I am looking forward to introducing you to incredible stories that will take you to lands far and near and will surely open the minds of children of all ages.

Todays story is one that will take you and your child on an adventure through Tanzania, We All Went on Safari.

So lets get count to theee... moja (one), mbili (two). tatu (three) and go on a safari!

We came across some ostriches,
And Mosi counted two (mbili).

We all went on safari, Among herds that intermix. We followed woolly wildebeests. Watende counted six (sita).

To order this book and others, please stop by my store or contact me at barefootkayce@comcast.net
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation, to aid their wildlife conservation and community building efforts in Tanzania.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little Swahili! Join me next week as we run barefoot through The Barefoot Book of Princesses


Oh boy, what a great idea! I will miss Music Monday but this is fantastic!

I am off to check out your store. do you ship to CA?

Have the best week.


What a cute book!

What a great book and a fantastic idea!!

I just read below....Congrats on the new job!!!!! Sounds wonderful...you are certainly going to stay busy this school year!


Great biz! I had not heard of it till now. Will have to check out your store.

BTW...what burb in L.A. did you grow up in? We used to live in Ontario and I did contract work in several burbs...Pomona, San Dimas, Whittier, Pasadena..to name just a few. I loved getting to know the people of the different areas...it made SoCal seem a bit smaller.

What a great book! Congrats on your new job too! That is very exciting!

That is great! Do they have that book that nates mom blogged about?

Congrats on your job! Someone is looking out for you missy! I am so happy for you!!

You are making me rethink our no tv with that olympics post!

What an awesome book! I love the colors! I have a new reason to look forward to Mondays now! ;)

That's a cute book! I may have to look into it.