16 August 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008 - 9 comments

So loving our T.V. right now!

All that's on is Olympics!! Man is it too fun to watch, my heart is pumping and we're all screaming at the images on the telly! Watching the events takes me back to when I went to several events during the '84 games in Los Angeles. Good times! Regardless of what is on, synchronized diving, swimming (Go Michael Phelps!), BMX biking or track and field, or all the great commentary about China, its on here.

Since we were gone for the opening ceremonies we had set up to record the opening and the first two days of events. Weeeellllll, I being not well in math didn't add up all the time alloted and the amount of available space to record (I thought I had HOURSandHOURS!) and yeah...the opening ceremonies got deleted due to needing room for the other 700+ minutes of events I wanted to record. NOT GOOD. I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up, but it doesn't help when the other two people who live in my house keep reminding me that we haven't seen the best part. SO I guess I'll be the first one in line to buy the DVD when it comes out the day after the closing ceremonies.

Okay I'm off to see if I can't watch Christys cousin and continue to drool over the incredible scenes of my daughters home.


Just wanted to say Hi. Came over from Journey to Isabella's blog. Your support for ESRA caught my eye. We have a springer whom we just adore "Molly Muggins". This is my 2nd Springer. I have always thought they were just the cutest dogs.

We are also adopting from China.
LID 4/30/07.


Okay I set up my ancient VCR and recorded the opening ceremonies... still have not had the time to watch it. I saw on salsa that you now can buy the dvd of the opening ceremonies... Hope this helps your vcr math problem...


Glad your enjoying the coverage, wish I was watching a little bit more!
Congrats on the new job, way to go!! ;)

I am loving it too.. we have not turned it off of the Olympics yet...
Have a Great Sunday

We are finding it hard to walk away from the TV too!

It was terrible, we would be all packed and ready to leave for the beach and then we would say....just a couple more minutes!!!

Have fun watching!


I saw the opening ceremonies and STILL plan to get in that line- they were that good, in spite of the stuff that was 'faked', still TOTALLY amazing!!


just found out the opening ceremonies are available on this site- ship in september... :)

I'm right there with ya! I went out and got a DVR box just for the Olympics, but I don't have enough space to record everything..I too wil be buying the DVD. ;) What will we do when the Olympics is over!!??

Shawn is glued to the tv with the Olympics...me not so much. But I'm glad that you're enjoying it.