19 August 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - 17 comments

Feeding the masses

It's time for some bullet information....

* Went back to my beach walking today and man I've missed it! Nothing like walking 3 miles in the morning with an inspiring friend to get you motivated! Now that our kids are back in school, the two of us are back to motivating each other to do our walks. Feels SO good!

* I'm still waiting to get my new hire packet from the district office which could take too long. I'm so ready to start working that I'm about ready to just volunteer the first couple of weeks! More waiting for me...what else is new. LOL!

* I've started trying to figure out ways to cut food costs but am still amazed at how much food has gone up in price. AMAZED! My $150 a week all organic shopping trip is now over $200 bucks! Damn. And of course since it's back to school I'm back to feeding not only my own child, but several others as well. I found out mid year last year that Jacob had been sharing his lunch with two other kids who didn't have a lunch provided to them by their parents and had money to buy a lunch, so Jacob was sharing with them. Jacob one day said to me that his friend wanted to say thanks for always making a good sandwich for him. WHAT?? So after that I stopped making a half and started making a whole and adding extra fruit and goodies and of course I started getting requests, mayo on one half, nothing on the other or pretzels for one and chips for the other. I'm cool with all this, but I had to tell Jacob that with costs going up, the requests gotta end. Well second week into school I've got a request for mayo again. Man I'm too nice and of course a push over!

* I've been doing a little more decorating in the nursery again. I finished my Little Stitches quilt a while ago, but hadn't hung it up until yesterday.
It felt good to put that on the wall to add a little more life to the room. I also made a light switch cover a few months ago with some friends and I got that hung up as well. I loved the way it turned out! I'm a sucker for the paint your own pottery place and am ready to go back to do a second switch cover for the closet light now. Doing this decorating made me open the room back up and I think I can leave the door open again. It felt good to be in the nursery and smell the good smells and think about the future with Jennifer home in the future.

* All of us are wishing we were here right now. It's been so foggy, drizzly and cold the last week that we're ready to go back to the Sierras for the sun. I've actually had a fire going every night and am back in jeans and sweats! I do hope our Indian Summer comes soon. I am so not a cold weather girl.

* We bought all of our Christmas gifts for each other and the kids already. Don't hate me, it was easy...Can you say Disneyland! Ohhhh we've been wanting to do this for three years now and kept putting it off in anticipation of taking Jennifer. Well we are tired of waiting and our teens are not getting any younger. So we will be spending four days and four nights over New Years at the happiest place on Earth! Merry Christmas to us!! We are counting the days!

* My summer reading goal was almost accomplished, I had 8 books set aside to read and I got 6 done! I guess if I wait until the real end of summer, Labor Day, I may actually get all 8 books read. I really enjoyed them....check them out...

Lying Low
19 Minutes
Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
Lost and Found
Bright Lights Big Ass

* I found out today that a teacher at Jacobs elementary school has cancer. I just sat and cried when I found out. If you can, say a little prayer for Kendal. On the c word, I also got this today from my step-mom and was gratefully educated in Inflammatory Breast Cancer. If you can, take the time to watch the video and pass it on.

Okay I'm babbling....and I've got fresh blueberry muffins cooking and two dinners to premake!


The price of food is ridiculous!! My bill ahs gone up by $50-$75!!
That quilt is amazing!! You should make them for people (Like me:) in all your free time, ha ha
You are so nice to feed your son's frineds!! that is so sad...

I LOVE that quilt! I think I might take up embroidery and I have had my eye on those patterns for awhile now.

I too, think that is so cool that you feed your son's friends. What a cool Mom!

I just started reading "19 Minutes" and I cannot put it down! I have to say though, I have already shed a few tears and felt my blood boil at the bullying. I was bullied as a child and working with children for 15 years it was my greatest pet peeve. I have a post brewing about it. I need some more time to think on it

We totally cleaned out the baby's room and started decorating and instead of making me feel sad, it actually makes me feel happy to go in there!

We have GOT to meet up at D-Land over the holidays. I'm getting an annual pass for my birthday(my sister is going to get it for me. She doesn't know it yet:) LOVE D-Land at Christmas. LOVE.

I just realized I wrote you a book in your comments and perhaps this would have been better suited to a private e-mail. Sorry! :)

I love the quilt and light cover. Glad you are opening up the room.

Disneyland - boy am I jealous. That's one I'll be saving the money for in the future when Hannah is older. I always dreamed of going when I was little so it's just one of 'those' things I want to do with her.

Jennifer's nursery is so adorable. Totally love the quilt and light switch!

Food is expensive. You taught your son well to be generous- even if it is with your money. He is a sweet lad.

Wow, that nursery is so cute!! LOVE the quilt :) And I so love that you're one of those mom's that feeds the masses, my mom was like that too...

I'll say a prayer for Kendal... that is a tough battle.

I hear you about the grocery bills! Yikes!!! I picked up things for dinner and a few extras yesterday and it cost me nearly $70. I used to spend about $70 for an entire week's worth of groceries when I was single just a couple years ago. I guess we need to start our own garden so we can save on produce.

The nursery looks beautiful. You have done such a nice job with it.

I really, really love the pink and red in your nursery! So pretty.

Love the nursery....so cute..bright and cheery!

So sorry to hear about the teacher with Cancer....we just got some horrible news too. One of Nick's friends/classmates....10 years old and just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer....they are going in on Friday to try to remove it, they are not sure if they can get it....the prognosis does not look good....we are completely devastated and I am having a tough time trying to explain things to Nick. This disease just infuriates me....enough already!

Will keep your friend in our prayers!


LOVE the nursery... the quilt is sooo cute.. and the light cover is darling.. .
I know what you mean about groceries.. and boys here don't know how to stop eating..
I want to go with you to Disney.. that is what we should do one year.. better do it soon. .kids are getting old..
Have a Great Week..

Hey friend,

finally I see that awesome nursery. I love it. I have a few of those embroidery patterns. I must get on it. U have inspired me.

Have a good week. Think of you often.


I will surely say a prayer for Kendal ... absolutely!!

Love the nursery. The light switch is too cute.

And Disneyland? I am so totally jealous ... and for Christmas, too.

Wow. Life is busy...and good! The nursery looks adorable. That quilt really does add life..it's precious.

Don't get me started on the grocery bill. I'm spending more witht he kids being in school that did while they were home this summer. You're a saint for feeding those kids!

Her room is darling!


The room is looking so good. Hay have you been reading RQ? She is actually getting into March 06 in her good case scenerios on her charts. That means if there is a bit of a speed up then you may not be that much longer. I pray it is not much longer!!!

I totally want to meet when you are down here. Lets do coffee or lunch or whatever. I think Laila would love to come. When you see on my comments commnets from Lo, that is Laura. She commented right above you this last time. Anyway, let me know when you are comming and We will make plans-- cant wait to see you!!!

Chisty :)

I do love the look of the room... so sweet looking... I do love the plate around the light switch... take care

Wow Kayce!! Jennifer's room looks beautiful! You are so talented! She will cherish the quilt forever.

Funny you just started back at your morning walks, I just started back at my morning run today. I've go a lot of hard work ahead of me before the 1/2 marathon in January! :)

Take care!

Do you have enough going on? I loved reading this post, so many good things to focus on, the nursery, the beautiful quilt and all the love woven in your other stories.
Enjoy life!
Hoping for referrals to speed through February06!