14 August 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008 - 16 comments

Life is good!

There are things happening here, let me tell you!!! Remember this post?? Well let me fill you in....

I got a job. A real job! I haven't worked for anybody but me in 4 years! I'm kinda trippin. So, I've been trying to get in with the local school district here for a few years now and have applied several times for several different positions. After 2 tries I finally got the first place seat for the position I wanted. Yeah me! Well as it goes of course the budget cuts happened here in California and the district went on a hiring freeze and I was back at square one. Bummed! Well just a few weeks ago I got a call asking if I was still interested in a part-time position. Are you kidding, YEAH I'm interested!! Well it's a little less then part-time, like 12 hours a week. BUT! I'm in the door, big feet, big mouth and all!

SOOO the cooler part of this is....it's at Jakes school!!!!! I'm freaking out here! Don't get me wrong, it's a good freakout! I did ask Jake before I accepted the position if he would be okay with me being there and his reaction was priceless...

Me - So I've got a surprise for you.
J - What?
Me - I got the job at your school.
J - WOW!! That is so cool mom! Now when I'm doing Library Aide I can come in and say hi to you and we can wave at each other from the windows! When do you start?
Me - Cool! I thought you might freak out. Are you sure you're okay with your mom working at YOUR school? If you're uncomfortable let me know and I wont take it.
J - Are you kidding!?!? You have to take it! Congratulations mom! What's for dinner?

So there it is! I'm so supppppper excited! It's going to be a little crazy around here for a bit, but it ain't nothing I can't handle. I should be starting in the next few weeks. And yup, I plan on keeping all my houses until I'm offered a 20 hour position. Crazy I know. AND on top of this....I have also started selling children's books to boot! Yeah I know I'm crazy, but hey I've been that way since I was born.

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With that being said, I will not be doing New Music Mondays anymore but instead highlighting a new book on Monday's. I'm really excited about joining the Barefoot team and have been working hard getting geared up with training and setting up my "store". I'm sure most of you are familiar with Motherbridge of Love, it is one of Barefoots top selling books. So drop by on Monday for the first book showing! Or even better, stop by my website and pick up a few books for your children's bookshelves!

Come by on Monday for some fun and don't forget....come barefoot! ;)


CONGRATULATIONS!! Your son's reaction is priceless! What a way cool kid to be so excited for his mom to work at his school! That's awesome!!!

That is great news!! Congrats!

Keep smilin!

Congratulations on your new job!

Congratulations you crazy woman you!!! :-) Sounds like a blast. The bookstore looks cool too.

Wow! So many great new adventures!


Congrats on the new job!
And what a great relationship you must have with your son to get such a good reaction from him. Lucky momma!

Soooooo cool! Congratulations! You will love working for the school district, especially at your son's school. So happy for you!

P.S. I plan on ordering some books from you soon(waiting until I have some money LOL!)

So awesome!! I bet it filled your heart with joy when Jacob said he wanted you at his school! Gosh, how many 8th grade boys say that! It speaks voumes of you and your influence in his life. Way to go!!

Hey friend! Great news! Congratulations!


WOW!!! What a totally coooool son! Congrats on the new job! I will for sure stop by on monday and YES I will be barefootl.... I always am barefoot.

So sad I did not get picture with you- what was I thinking?

That is awesome Kayce, congrats!!

Congratulations!! It's great that Jake had suck a good reaction to the news. Good luck!

Have you looked at my blog lately?! It's like we're twins!! I'm working part-time at the boys schools this year and my Jacob and I had almost the same conversation as you guys did! Too funny!

just added a few bday pics of K on my blog if you want to pop by :)

Congrats on your new job!

Wooohooo! You go girl! You're one busy girl!

You did it. You got the job. :) Good for you.