28 August 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 16 comments

Burning the candle at both ends

Is it really the end of August? Really?? Sh!t what happened to the month! I guess when you're camping, going to weddings and camp, organizing your laundry room, tearing up your front yard, getting a new job and starting school all in one month, it will fly by. We have seriously been burning the candles at both ends here. I'm actually so glad to be busy and be moving again, it feels good and it's given me time to refocus on what's important.

Yesterday Mike, Jacob and I got tickets to the SF Giants game against the Rockies. We were all way too tired, but decided to go anyway and we are so glad we did. The City was fantastic! I so love that place. The weather was warm, no jackets needed at 10pm. The game was great, 4 to 0 Giants! We got to see little Timmy Lincecum pitch and Jacob was sure he was a student at his school, but I had to convince him otherwise. Go Tim! The park was pretty empty due to the mid week game, so I got to wonder around and enjoy the ball park action. Of course we are still paying for eating the garlic fries, I think we will have garlic coming out of our pores for a long time.

Well I've completed my first complete week of work and today I wanted to call all my clients and tell them to find another housekeeper because I wasn't gonna do cleaning anymore. But I didn't. It's been a fun week getting to know the workplace and the people, I work with some pretty cool folks and am pretty lucky to have gotten this position. YEAH! It's also so good to see all the kids I used to have lunch with when I was a yard duty at the elementary school. Those kids were in 2nd grade then and are now big ole 7th graders. Lots of changes.

My wonderful husband, (who was in Oakland all day yesterday only to come home and turn around to go back up to San Francisco. I love you babe!) has been having a lot of fun on the property tearing things up and redoing the front yard. Can't wait to show you the finished product! This weekend we will pour the concrete and continue to gopher proof EVERYTHING!

And finally it seems that we will be marking our 29th month in our journey to Jennifer tomorrow. Amazing it is, but the wait has only made us a stronger family. We will continue to follow the path ahead of us until it leads us to the completion of our family. Until then, I will just enjoy my morning cup of coffee in her room while I sit in my great grandmothers rocking chair watching the sun come in through her window and of course we will finish the night with this tasty dinner.

Happy Friday to everyone!


We are coming up to our 29th month... oh... I will admit that I am getting to the point where I am so fed up but moreso with the new paperwork - that I800a (or whatever it is)... trying to pep myself - I talked to mum this morning and said I had had enough but she told me no end I had to hang in there so she could get another Grandbaby... gee... haha... hugs to you...

I can't wait to get to 29.. Happy 29.... The paperwork sucks..
but we will do anything for our girls..
keep your chin up..
Have a Great Weekend..

Happy 29th tomorrow!! You really have been one crazy busy gal! Crazy-busy is great to make the wait breeze on by. Hugs to you.

Happy (?) 29th. The wait sucks, there's not other word for it.

Glad the job is going well! It's exciting when you really enjoy doing something at work.

Whoa - 29. Can't imagine. Glad there is more behind you than in front of you.

So glad the job is going well....you sound really happy, good for you!

You hubby looks like he is having fun...can't wait to see the finished product!

Happy 29!


Living life by the sounds of it and loving it. Keep going!

29 done...we are getting there...

Keep smilin!

We must have been stuck in the same traffic jam!
Glad things are going so well for you guys.

Congrats at being 29 months closer! Man, you are really doing some serious landscaping!

what 29?!!! Oh my gosh you will be leaving soon! What is your LID? I am feeling the happy dance coming on!

Have the best weekend friend.


Never mind I see your LID above. That is amazing.


Happy 29th, your so close to Jennifer(you already know how much I love that name, LOL).
Can't wait to see your finished landscaping, we are in the throws of it to, the backhoe was here for two day ripping up things, LOL!!!
Wish I had your Grandma's rocker...

Happy 29!

That little bulldozer thing looks fun. Bye Bye gophers!

Sounds like you have a full life!! Happy 29th!!

Veggie Pad Thai rules - with Tofu, of course.

Nothing like fun games and camping adventures to make anyones summer breeze by. You surely lived it up! xo

Happy LID Anniversary! You have waited a very long time. May referrals finish the month of February in just a few months.

LID 01/27/06
DOR 08/12/08