23 July 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 - 12 comments

Sitting at the crossroad

It looks like things with our agency are okay for us, for now. Our agency did not get their Hauge accreditation which is not good. Since we are up to date on all of our paperwork and were told we would be home from China before our current I-171 expires (9/09), we should not worry. Well okay, but we are still very worried about the issue with our agency. Some questions are still unanswered so we sit on the edge of our seats and wait. I so hate this roller coaster.

Moving on....

There is some serious things happening around here. Major. Fun. Serious. Excititing. New. I want to tell, but I need to get all the ducks lined up and in a row first. I'll give you a hint...Books and School.

Big J leaves for camp in 4 days and counting. I know he'll have fun, but I'm gonna miss him. He's changing EVERY day right now and I DO NOT want to miss anything more.

We leave for our final camping trip of the summer in 2 weeks to the day. I can not wait. 9000 feet in the trees, sitting by the lake with my boys and my girls.

And that means that school starts in 3 weeks to the day. BTW, this "school" has nothing to do with the "school" I mentioned in my hint. So yeah, my baby is going to be an 8th grader. Oh help me now.

I also may have a little retail therapy with a friend next week that is sure to take care of any agency bs that may drag me down!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Retail Therapy....sounds like FUN!!!

Books and School...hmmm....what are you up to?

Camping trip sounds like a great time!


I will wait for news and I hope you enjoy your time now. Glad that the drama has settled down.

Keep smilin!

summer is passing us by!


Yeah I feel only a little better about the situation with our agency. I'm still not happy about it. We'll see.

School starts for little man on the 18th. We're leaving Sat. for an almost 10 day vacation and he's staying with my parents a week after that. So he'll be back a week before school starts. I love my child don't get me wrong but I am looking for some time to myself when he's with his grandparents.

Retail therapy...haven't done that in a long time. I'm trying not to either.

Hang in there! We'll get through the garbage we've been dealt by you know who.

hmmm... lots going on in your world...

my boys have been at camp all week and last week they were our of town with my dad... i want my people home!!

MIDDLE SCHOOL...scary! Enjoy your camping trip! Can't wait to hear your surprise....I hate surprises, but I look forward to reading about this one!

This week I found out that Adoption House is closing its doors becasue it can't make a profit. That is the agency we went through to get Bailey. And also that CHI, our original agency is having haque problems. THings are really gettng strange, and so many children there waiting. I am glad you are stayin calm, it has got to be nerve racking, But sounds like you are in the clear.

I know what you mean about 8th grade. I started really freaking out when Brit went ot 8th. She was my baby, Having a new baby in the house really ehlps!!

Big hugs to you!!

Sending a hug your way and saying a prayer for you and all the families still waiting!

Can't believe school is starting back all ready... and in 9 months they will be out again..
Have a Great Weekend..

Retail therapy is always fun!

Sorry we just missed you on Red Mary Jane's Saturday morning chat...
I look forward to checking out your blog and I really look forward to knowing your agency gets everything worked out on the accredidation front.