27 July 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008 - 8 comments

Three Word Sunday

I LOVE my roses. LOVE! This sweet rose was Mike's and bloomed such beautiful red and white roses. Beautiful. Last week I noticed it looked wilted, ummmm. All the other roses looked great, but this just looked sad. I watered it. And watered it again. Then I checked it closer and thought....NOOOOO. I picked it up and this is what was left. I"M SO MAD!!


That sucks out loud. I'm so sorry.

Oh, man! That's bad!!! I haven't seen a gopher around here before, and I hope I never do.

That is awful...
I am sooo sorry...
I haven't seen a gopher since Illinois..
Have a Great Week..

WTF?!!! OMG!!!

Music Monday tomorrow! Can't wait!


I am really sad for you and that poor rose. I've never seen anything like that. OMG.

That really does suck!

Oh no!! That is not very good. Do you really have gophers though?

Sorry about the flowers, but this made me laugh out loud.