05 June 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008 - 5 comments

Thank You Thursday

First off...thanks again for all your kind words. While I have been more sad lately than my usual crazy self, I do appreciate the fact that you all are still here supporting me. I promise that my posts will become less sadly as time goes on.

ANYWAY....I need to send a few thank yous out there into bloggyspher. So on top of my thankful bit, I have a thank you bit!

I received these precious hair clips a few days ago from the wonderful Doris! THANK YOU Doris!! I've now started a "bow" box for little J. Also, thank you Doris for being such a wonderful friend and yes we will one day sit together in the same room with our girls and really chat! I can't wait to exchange holiday cards with our girls on them. Thank you again for thinking of me!

Lea, first let me say....you rock! You are always so wonderful in your comments and your posts too. You lift me up! Thank you SOOOOO much for this ABSOLUTELY adorable onsie! HELLO! The red thread going through it!!!!!!

That is ME!! I will treasure it and can so not wait to put my little bit of heaven in it.

Thank you ladies for thinking of little ole me out here in California! Who woulda thunk that I'd make such wonderful friends via a blog. Thank you!!

I have a few thankfulls for today....

My son. (note: this is him trying to smack a gopher for me. The little fers as we call them, have ruined our yard. And yes we have netting EVERYWHERE!) He still loves me and he's 13. :) The time of teen hate is starting and I'm trying really hard to nip that one, but I'm prepared to loose the battle. We will survive I'm sure.

The beach. My saving grace right now. Ella and I are FREE down there! Free to run and cry and pray and just be.

And I am ever thankful for this little fur ball. My best friend. I will walk to the ends of the earth to give you all the love you so need.


Wonderful picture of the gorgeous Ella.
The gifts are beautiful, I love the onsie!!
Sending some hugs your way, hoping for better times ahead...

p.s. Don't worry about your posts sounding a little down, we are here for you. Take this time to write, heal and express, it's cathartic. Hugs

Love the way Elle is checking out the new t.... Mesa does this with everything that I bring here for Tate... I am sure she is making sure it is not food.

Yes, NEVER, EVER, worry about your posts sounding too down! You are a fantastic writer and have a way of putting things in words! That dog is adorable. Glad you like the onesie or is it onesy? OH, who the hell knows! Bought one for my little one too.

Have a great day my friend.


You are very welcome. Hugs and Mr and Miss are wonderful reasons to be thankful.

Keep smilin!

That picture of Jake is too funny. I can just hear him.... :)