20 June 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008 - 6 comments

Prayers are good

picture from local news station. Not sure where this picture was taken from, I think maybe watsonville hospital.
11:05pm UPDATE: Fire is at 50% containment. THANK YOU GOD! This has been an amazing few hours, we are all exhausted and emotionally spent. The weather here is VERY uncharacteristic for the beach area, 90's and perfect fire weather. Reports are saying someone was driving along the freeway setting fires every 20 feet. The freeway is still closed at our street and the house is filled with the stench of smoke. It's awful! We are safe, just horribly shaken up. If the winds had of been blowing differently, things for us would be VERY different right now. But our neighbors on the other side of the freeway are now needing all of our prayers.
God Bless all of the firefighters. They have been fighting fires in our area for almost a month now.
7:40pm - Things are about the same. Fire is at the freeway which is about 1 1/2 miles from our house and has burned many homes. SO sad.

An a$$hole has started 8 fires here. The fires are in VERY populated areas and are within 3 miles of our home right now. We are safe at the moment and the wind is moving east. Please say what ever you say for the families that are being affected by this. It is horrible.


Oh Kayce, prayers going out, this is so tragic and very scary.
Please stay safe!!

Good thoughts heading you way, we were on the way to the beach and could see clear across the bay that it was a big one!!!! Stay safe.

Sending good thoughts your way... stay safe!

oh this is terrible. Lea xo

Glad you are ok. Hope the firemen get it all under control soon and your neighbours are safe too.

What is wrong with some people? What kind of person endangers so many people like that? Unbelievable.

Unbelievable! Stay safe!