22 June 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008 - , 18 comments

Three Word Sunday

These were my husbands three words as he was driving home from work on Friday. The exit you see on the freeway in that picture is the one before ours. Mike had no idea where the fire was, he thought it was in our neighborhood. He couldn't get off the freeway or turn around. He was literally stuck in fear.

After 20 minutes of waiting to get a hold of me, I was walking into a movie theater, we finally connected and I left the theater and raced home to find all okay, yet surreal and very scared. Mike made it home about an hour later, a 10 minute drive usually for him.

Fear is a horrible experience.


Holy cow that is scary! I'm glad you're all safe.

omg indeed!!!

That's scary - we had a fire in our neighborhood two nights ago and the house is totally gone. I feel so bad for that family. Can't even imagine an entire neighborhood going up...

I would have raced home from the movies too

Glad all is ok...


Holy crap! That is such a dreadful sight.

So thankful you are all well.

That is awful..
Glad everyone is safe..
Have a Great Week..


Keep smilin!

Oh my god is right! Glad you are safe! Just got back from camping in big sur with Michelle, et all. Highway 1 is closed 3 miles south of Big Sur no way to get to where you guys are camping...she can't email you and doesn't know your number....

Scary, terrifying sight...

OMG, is right. Glad you are ok!

something like...WTF?

How horrible for you.


Holy cow. Glad you guys are okay!

Hey. I am so sad right now! We're at a hotel and we have Wifi. I don't know if Plaskett Creek will reopen by next weekend. Pfieffer Big Sur said we could stay the remainder of the week with them(if they get the fire contained). Maybe you could join us there? I'll e-mail you with my cell number. So scary!

So glad you are ok... we went through this last fall and it was some pretty scary stuff...

Hang in there. We've been watching what we can on the news.... I'm glad you guys are okay.

That is crazy! Did Mike take this picture?! I can't believe how close to the freeway the fire is. I really feel for you guys right now.

How scary!! I'm glad you all are all right. I hope they get the fires in CA. contained soon!

It is really scary to see it first hand! glad everyone is safe...

We recently had some bad fires around here where it was literally surrounded by fire... thank goodness all is fine now... take care

Wow!! That's scary. Glad you're all ok.

This is the reason why I want to WRING every Californian that says "I Hate the Rain"'s NECK.

Our poor, parched state.