07 June 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008 - 9 comments

My mind at work

So I'm working on some inventions! Here's my latest 10 I've got going on...

1. A cell phone battery that never dies so child can call mother.

2. A zero calorie Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Cone icecream thingy.

3. A pencil for teens to use that has special powers in it to make them nice. (this is for use on other kids, not mine unless they start getting mean.)

4. Real REAL coffee that doesn't keep you up all night. REAL no decaf crap.

5. A spray that you can spray on your exhole to keep him or her away. I really think this could be big.

6. A house that cleans itself.

7. A magic pen that takes way the calories from the above picture that you just ate.

8. A magic eraser that takes away all the bullying crap your child had to put up with all day. OR that magically takes way the bully's...you be the one who choses how to use it.

9. A good book that NEVER ends!

10. A pill to make my diabetes (and everyone else's) go away.


When you finish those, can you work on this one:

A "undo button" that you can press in real life (like you can on your computer).


Can #3 be for all children of school age? That would make my job a heck of a lot easier!

#6 sounds pretty awesome to me, too.

And, I'd like a magic wand!


How about a magic pill I can give the labs so they never shed again? I'm drowning in dog hair!!

I'd love a house that cleaned itself and a washing machine that loaded itself, a dryer that folded the clothes and put them away, a girl can dream. ;)

Love them all..
That would be great..
I like the No dog shedding also..
Have a Great Weekend..

HA! love this post! ;) and that Ice cream bowl looks awesome! mmmm...

oh you're on to some stuff here :O)
i might need to purchase the exhole spray.

and hey- i'd like to invent a pill that makes it possible to eat whatever the hell i want without gaining an ounce or raising my cholesterol!

You got anything for 4 yr olds that are going on 35 and won't stop mouthing off and back talking. I'm so over being called stupid (thanks to the kids across the street that Eriks occasionally plays with and their name calling).

I so agree with the ice cream thing. I'd be happy with a magic pen that takes away all the bad calories I consume.

Make any one of those...I want one!! 10 would be for my cousin.

Keep smilin!