17 June 2008


Kayce, your dogs are just beautiful. I remember that your dogs were the first thing (aside from adoption) that attracted me to your blog.

So, tell me...

Do you have to brush them a lot? I've always had short-haired dogs, and I'm just not into the daily brushing routine, but I would love to have a pretty dog like Summit and Ella someday - if they didn't have to be brushed out all the time.

I can see they are good family pets. They do so much with you guys. I've only ever had Labs and German Shepherds, so my breed experience is limited.

love it!!
So tell me, how did the video end? Did Summit chase after the couple walking down the beach that she was checking out?!

Love the pics and vid. Looks like Ella is enjoying the company, and Summit has totally settled into your family.

This was meant to be...

what a beautiful family! The ocean looks so wonderful too! We arizonan's are desperate for water right about now. It's 115 today!