17 June 2008


Jack got sprayed twice last year in just one week, silly boy didn't catch on the first time round, LOL.
I keep extra cans of tomato juice in the pantry, just in case..

Does tomato juice really work? Thankfully, I've never needed to try it.

Baaaad kitty (Gwen and Maddy think they're cats).



OH NO! I'm sorry - but that's funny!

I really, really like your new look. It is so sweet and clean. Great job. And, btw, hugs to the stiky puppy. xo

Yikes! Poor Summit, I hope she's not too stinky.

oh dear....poor Summit....um....go ahead and give her a big kiss for me! lol

Is that a huge skunk??? In your yard??? I don't think I've ever seen a skunk in real life. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in the desert. It was 112 degrees in Phoenix yesterday, by the way....shoot me now!

Oh no!

2 words: Tomato juice.

Get outta here, she didn't!!!

I have not seen a skunk (well did see one at a pet store) yet... only smelt them... I don't think that I would want one spraying me... pewwww

Ohhh noooo! Our dog did that, once. How the heck did you get a picture of the skunk? And what was it doing out during the day??

aaaahhhh! A skunk! ;) They are so cute, but now so cuddly...as summit has found out! ;) Hope the smell dissipates soon! ;)