04 May 2008


I'm pretty sure you won't need to explain... hang in there.

No explanation needed. The baby's room at our house is starting to fill up with junk again and I don't care. I can't bear to look at it most days anyway. Thinking of you........

Hang in there. You've been waiting a hell of a lot longer than we have and I'm already way over it and also think it's getting really hard.

More so because my Dec DTC/LID group seems to be announcing every day a referral for a SN child. There aren't that many families left that are still waiting. It sucks.

It is getting "too hard". I haven't done anything with the nursery in months. I was in there the other day looking at all the unfinished things I need to do in there and found it overwhelmingly depressing. I have NO motivation to finish what I've started in her room. It's the biggest waste of space in this house. I should have just turned it into a guest room for a while. I go in there once a month or so to dust her clothes...how sad is that?!

PS. the crib looks cute. Did you make the bedding? would love to see more!


I hear ya sister.. hang in there... our turn will come - in time...

No explanation needed. It is hard. Thinking of you.

I received your bib in the mail and I am so touched by it. Thank you so much for thinking about me and sending this for my daughter. It is very special. I love the card just as much, I'm trying to find a little frame for it : )

I'm sorry. Wish I could give you a hug. Try to hang in there! That crib looks so cute.

Hang in there, we will get there someday. I love your crib! We got tired of the whole nursery thing, took everything down and now I have an extra storage room - woohoo.

Keep the faith girl.....I know it's hard.... ;)

You don't have to explain. I think everyone gets it.