22 April 2008


Can't wait to get a copy for her hope chest.

Ooo, I didn't know that edition was out. I'm going to put my dad on the hunt for it immediately. Thanks so much for letting everyone know!

(I tried to send you an email but it bounced. Michelle was going to send you my email addy -- hope that works. :-) )

I am on it, two copies coming into our house.
xo thanks Kayce for the heads up. ;)

I'm going to have to go take a look for this one.

I looked two places today and no luck yet! I'll find it tomorrow..I'm on a mission.

I'm a runnin! :)

I'm all over it.. thanks for the tip!

I'm heading out right now for one.


I am curious about this one too... will have to buy it...