21 April 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008 - 9 comments

A new year, a new outlook

UPDATE on Stephanie....She JUST got out of surgery (6 hours) and is doing FABULOUS!!! The surgery was a huge success and now she's just got some recovery time to get through. Thanks for all your positive thoughts and continued prayers.

We are back from yet another fantastic weekend of camping. I will NEVER tire of camping, never. Once again we were in the Big Sur area, specifically Pacific Valley, the weather was cold yet perfect. And once again, our sweet Molly walked away from the open car door to leave, she wanted to stay. Our prayers continue to be filled with wishes of her being able to go back again on our next trip.

So with this weekend behind us, so is my 35th year. I spent some time this weekend contemplating the year ahead of me, and what I wanted to see change in myself and in the touchable space around me. For me, I am going to wake up everyday with a positive attitude and say a quick prayer of thanks before stepping out of bed. I also am going to work harder on "letting go" of what brings me down and only surround myself with positive energy. Life is too short.

As for the touchable space around me, I will continue to be an advocate for children in this community and for my son and future daughter. I want to start to also bring the positive attitude change to Jacob and show him the power of what thinking positive can do. He struggles with that, so if he can see me doing it than I know he will learn.

This is going to be the year for many wonderful and positive things! As I end this post I want to ask everyone to do a little positive thinking for themselves, see the change, be the change, make the change. We are all wonderful and beautiful people!!!

PS - My dear friend and fellow blogger Stephanie is undergoing surgery right now and I'd love to send all of our positive thinking and all of our prayers to her and her family. We love you Steph!!!


Beautiful picture of Molly.
I love your outlook you have taken on, I am going to take some advice, think positive and give thanks!
Wonderful idea. ;)
Positive thoughts and speedy recovery going out to Stephanie. :)

Great attitude. Good to hear about steph!

Glad to hear good news about your friend, Stephanie.

I love your focus...it will serve you well in the year to come and beyond.

Glad to hear about the new attitude. It really is the best way to live life.

Glad to hear Stephanie is doing well.

Glad your friend Stephanie is doing well and that you continue to enjoy your time with beautiful Molly.

The positive thinking thing really does work. I say a thankyou every night now to God for all the good things that may have happened that day. And no matter how many bad things there have been, there are always positives too. I just find it helps so much to focus on the good and let go of the bad. Having Hannah home has really helped me learn what is important to hang on to in life.

Have a fantastic year! :)

I'm glad you posted on Steph, I've been thinking about her and wondering how she's doing. Glad to hear everthing is going well.

So glad you had a nice time camping. I'm counting the days until Dan and I go! :)

You must be so darn stoked that it is now camping season again. You and my hubs. You guys are crazy.

I so needed to read a post like this right now Kayce. Thank you! I struggle so much with the positive thinking. Sometimes the depression clouds everything and I can't see clearly. I have to stop letting everyday things get me down. So what if we have no car? Some people have no homes! So what if we have to wait for our baby. Some people give birth to babies, only to lose them a short time after. Yes, it's true my Mom died and I miss her terribly, but I still have my Dad. Some people have no living parents at all! Yes, my husband lost one of his jobs and money is tight right now, but at least he still has ONE job and is still bringing some money into our household. See? I CAn think positively :) Now I must try to do it every single day. Try very hard.

And I know what you mean about the camping thing. I am counting down every single day until Big Sur. I think I will be able to extend our stay one more night too. Yippee!

I have had two dogs endure cancer. Keep up the good work keeping her well.