08 January 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008 - 5 comments

The power of power

My morning...

I'm sitting idyllically at my computer working on minutes from a meeting that I have been putting off doing for a month now. I'm stoked and moving along at a nice cut, enjoying my 100th cup of coffee in the peace and quite when.....blackness occurs.

Yeah the power went out again.

Insert every f-in four letter word you can imagine along with the bad words that are mostly sentences.

You may be saying, "You saved it right?" Well actually I thought my flippin computer was doing that FOR ME!!!!!!!! NO it wasn't.

Gone it is.

My afternoon....

Sitting impatiently at the computer with carpel tunnel happening because I'm pounding at the keys of my computer because I'm still mad at having to rewrite what was 90 percent done! I'm also no longer enjoying peace and quite because I have two wildly teenage boys over pretending to play WWF and "lets make mom crazy" game. Oh and did I say it's raining and windy again????

Can you say cocktail?!?!?!?!?! Yeah well I can't. I'm on the wagon, once again.

Remind me why I quit drinking?


AGAIN!?!? Oh my. You guys must be getting pounded!!! Sorry friend.

That's terrible! I also learned about the hard way about backing up your PC, mine crashed about 3 times and I never learned my lesson. I thank my stars Shawn was able to save my stuff.

I never back anything up - and yes I have gotten screwed because of it.
Have I learned my lesson?


Keep smilin!

You quit drinking?? Are you mad?! Just kidding...good for you. Sorry about all the computer crap...I hate computers. Having said that, I have to admit I feel I have developed a very intimate relationship with mine during this wait. Sick, huh?