06 January 2008

Sunday, January 06, 2008 - 11 comments

All okay here...

Our power just came back on today, Sunday January 6th at 2pm!!! We've been without power since Friday Jan 4th at 10am. We're okay, and just doing some clean up around the house now. AND of course watching LOTS OF TV and using the computer!!!!!! Now I've got to run to the store to replace all the food that went bad. ARGH!
Next storm to hit Tuesday....hopefully we wont loose power for that long again.

OH and we didn't loose any trees!!!! Thank you God!


I'm so glad your power is back on!!! Stay cozy... this is nasty weather!

OMG! I can't believe you were out of power for that long! I do not know what I would do! glad it's back on!

Sorry, bud. You guys got it way worse than us. Today was mellow, though, huh? I was bracing for worse...


I'm glad to hear you and your family are safe and have power! Happy New Year! :)

So glad you guys are safe and sound. What crazy weather!!!

Just wanted to say 'hi'. I found your blog on a blogroll of another IA PAP. Like you, I'm officially waiting for a referral (although from a different country), but it's still 'waiting' nonetheless. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

This weather is just really bizarre. We had a huge storm and week ago and today it's in the 60's and we live in Michigan. VERY bizarre.
I hope that you keep your power on from here on out. We lose ours here somtimes too.

Yikes! A few years ago we lost power for about 24 hours in the middle of a heat wave. I thought I was going to go crazy. I'm glad you guys are safe and doing well.

I was sick and tired of our winter storms so I sent them your way. Sorry about that. Glad to hear they missed Auntie Emms house.
THere is no place like home...click click.

I so feel for you, having been through 2 hurricanes, I know your pain. Glad you guys are okay!

I'm glad you are okay! I will check back after Tues to make sure you survivied the next one! aND i LOVED YOUR cHRISTMAs letter! Lots of great things going on. How do you do all that??!?!