27 January 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008 - 17 comments

I just love my dogs!

Every morning our baby girls jump on the bed and snuggle between us, this morning was no exception. Warm snuggles on a cold and rainy morn.

Beautiful Molly

Sweet faced Ella

Mommy!!! I LOVE YOU!

This is the scene some mornings in Jacobs room.


Your doggies are so beautiful! Are they Springer Spaniels?

I told Michael I want a puppy. He said, "One thing at a time, honey." Sigh...

great pics.they do seem sooooo sweet

They are gorgeous dogs! I love the shot of the dog in the bed. That is so sweet. That is one lucky dog!! Thanks for the parenting support. I hope I can get to a place where I let all their moods run right off my shoulders with out anh intake. Does it exist??!! haha That is one good thing about dogs! They don't talk back.

Beautiful dogs! They're the best, for sure, my bulldog is the love of my life!

The rain is in Az right now. I am going to the store to get 2 lbs of stew meat to make your stew.

I LOVE that last one........a boy and his best friend....

You have beautiful pooches!

What sweet pics of a loving family. xo

How sweet is that?!

what a nice face that puppy has.


Awww...my dogs sleep the same way in bed!

Sweet pictures of ALL your kids! ;)

Your girls are beautiful.
we just lost our beloved 10 year old great pyrenees to cancer last week. Looking at your pix made me smile! thanks,

I know what you mean, I thank God each day for my sweet little pup, Bailey. I love the pics :)

BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could have dogs - DH is deathly allergic. :(

Too cute!

Keep smilin!

your dogs are beautiful!!! wow. My Jacob loves to sleep with Allie our dachshund. I love the pics.

Pets are the best! Very cute.