28 January 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008 - 4 comments


Lent is one of the most important seasons of the church year as it is a time of an introspective period during which we take stock of our lives and our relationships to discover and change what we must to prepare for Easter. We also get to experience the spiritual renewal that comes when we make right.

As we are getting ready to settle into the quite reflection of Lent, what are your plans for reflection and change? What will your sacrifices be?


When I was younger, I was so much more willing to make a sacrafice in my life. I find as I am getting older, I am more resistant, hmmm...I guess that will be my reflection tonight. I refuse to allow that to happen and thanks for making me more aware of it tonight.

Hi Kayce, I saw your comment on Sharon's blog and thought I'd check out yours. We also adopted a little boy through CHI in Aug. 07 and I run an art biz too out here in Tucson, AZ. I see that you're waiting for your referral and I hope you receive it soon this year. There's nothing like that feeling of seeing your child's photo after this very long wait. And after you get your child...believe it or not, you forget how long the wait was (ok, a little bit anyway)!

I read a few previous posts and loved the one about your son making all B's. My husband also has a learning disability and dsylexia. He struggled through school and just had to figure out his own way of working through things and today he is a confident speaker.

Speaking of sacrifices....we made one this year...to stop spending so much money on restaurants, stuff and Starbucks and attack our debt. So far so good. We paid off 1 credit card and will payoff another this week. Thanks for the reminder! Check out our blog at: www.dondenise.blogspot.com

-Denise, Don, Nate Sullivan

When I first read this, I was confused. I thought the title of your post was Lint. I think I should just focus on strong morning coffee and attending church.

Although I'm a Christian, my non-denominational church background has never included an observation of Lent. However, it's appealing to me and so I've been thinking of how I might incorporate that into my spirituality this year. Thanks for the reminder.