26 January 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008 - 11 comments

We're gonna party like we're a rock star!

We are having a RAGER tonight!!!!! I'm so excited as is the rest of the peps in my house, Jacob and Mike. The reason for the party you ask? Well it's for the fact that Jacob made honor roll. Wait I have to back up here....

....he didn't make honor roll. SHIT! Let me explain. In the elementary level honor roll is all B's with no C's, a 3.0. Well in the junior high level your GPA must be a 3.5 and that is something we did not know. Let me tell you when my boy came home from school on Thursday in tears I wanted to die. We were so pumped up for HR and then he got shot down. Well after much talk, Mike and I convinced him the HR isn't all it's cracked up to be and he calmed down. The fact that he got all B's for the first time in his academic career is HUGE!! My boy has struggled and has several learning disabilities that make learning hard. So bringing home this report card was a very proud moment regardless of not making HR.

SO with all that said Mike and I are throwing him a HUGE party tonight! The All B's Bash! HUGE! We've got about 27 people coming over for Jacobs fave dinner. An awesome salad bar and a dozen Domino's pizzas with all the soda you can drink. The cool thing is, Jacob is so excited that it's pretty endearing! He's asked me 5 times already this morning what time everyone will be here. Ah the chance to be young again.

Okay enough of my sharing!


Good for him! Hey, getting all B's SHOULD be considered Honor Roll! Have fun!

P.S. I actually came here to delete the comment I left on your last post because in it I revealed a little more than I wanted the internet to know about me. I was surprised to see the post gone. I just wanted you to know it was very courageous of you to write it, and I really admire you for sharing it with us.

Party's are good, no matter what the reason is.



PS. When is the BLogger summit?!!!

PS. Love your BLOG look!


All Bs? That's fantastic! Definitely worth a bash. I hope you all has a great time.

Congrats! That is so great!! I like how you celebrate your life!!

Love the bash idea! Fantastic! I will keep that in mind for when my son accomplishes that great task!

JH is a trip! We just switched to a 6 point system, not 10. So we are having some adjustments around here too. Congratulations all around.

Love Allison

Congrats to Jacob! I hope your party was great fun for all, especially him.

Way to go Jacob!! Party on!! :)

Our Jacob's have a lot in common...mines ADHD (make learning a lot of fun)! It's so great of you to throw him a party..I'm all about celebrating the kids accomplishments, not matter how big or small..this was BIG!

P.S. Hide the boose!