12 January 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008 - 6 comments

Big waves = Big contest! **UPDATE!**

Mavericks is going off today! And the Big Wave Contest is on! Surfers from all over the world are here in town competing for one of the most coveted awards. The waves at Mavericks are supposed to be 40+ feet today for the contest. Check out the web site and say a little prayer for these guys!


And the winner is......


IT'S OFFICIAL - Fighting his way through an insane Final Heat on a truly classic Mavericks Contest Day, Greg Long wins the 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest. Congratulations to Greg -- '08 Mavericks Champ!

Congrats Greg!


I said casually to my husband "it might be fun to go and watch that" (as if no one else would have thought of that) then I heard they were expecting like 50,000 people!! We didn't go!

Wow, I wish I lived near that! We are on the boring East Coast.

Was reading your comments on 7th Diamond RMJ, and just wanted to say that we are all thinking of you! Don't give up, it will happen. It's a horrible wait and no one should have to go thru that!

Hugs to you, keep the faith!!

Woohoo to him. I have to admit from my pansy midwestern self - THAT would actually scare me...even though skydiving would not. Go figure!

That is so cool! You live in a gorgeous place.

NO way-- you live there??? CRAZY!!! I heard all about this and I heard they only get like a 24 hour notice to come. That is so cool. How fun it woudl be to live where the competition is-- way cool!!!

Christy :)

So are you up in No Cal? I have been to Mavericks when it has been flat. It is amazing that the waves can get that big from that break. That dude CHARGES!