14 January 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008 - 4 comments

Ready for number 3!

Yeah it's time for another tat! I'm dying here! I already have my design for one that involves all my kids, but I'm still one kid short and I just wont get that tattoo done until Jenny's home. So for now I'm ready for something else.

Any ideas for some good ink on me. Come on folks what would you get???


You are so brave. I'm to much of a whimp.

Hey, I love the new icon with you and your hubs. It's a great photo!

Something "Asian"

I have a dolphin...about to turn into a whale on my right lower hip! I LOVE dolphins. I've never had the urge to get another...don't know why!

P.S. Is that a sunburn I see??!!! I'm the sunscreen nazi...sunburn = malignancies! Love you!!