11 January 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008 - 5 comments

Wow! Looky what I got!

Christy over at To Mia With Love awarded me the lastest and greatest in blog awards! Thank you soooo verry much Christy! By getting this award it means that the WONDERFUL person who gave it to me, reads my little ole blog everyday, or when I post I guess. Now my job as the nominee is to nominate five my my personal favs that I read daily. I know many of you have been nominated so I'm gonna throw out some new blogs that I LOVE!!

1. First and foremost my partner in crime and my someday travel partner, Stephanie at The Eternal Knot. Stephanie and I met soon after I began blogging and we have become very fast friends. Our log in dates are a day apart so when we go to China, we will most likely go together. I love reading her blog for so many reasons but mostly because she shows so much emotion and love for her daughter who is not home yet. Another reason why I love her blog is her artistic mind makes me soooooo very jealous!

2. Next is Jenny at The Markmiller 5. This was one of the first blogs I stumbled apon and quickly found a friend online. Someday I'm gonna meet this girl and her beautiful family!!!! Jenny shares many great stories of her ever talented family and also yummy menu and recipe ideas.

3. Oh this is one of my favorites! Lynne at
Now We Are Six. This is a must see blog!! Again I found this blog early on and have not stopped reading it. Lynne and her amazing family just recently moved to China from the Mid West. It has been so much fun watching them make their new life as blissful as possible. Her pictures of China are so real and tell such great stories and of course her stories are wonderful to absorb.

4. Here is an angel. Pam In China. I don't have any words to tell you how much this woman inspires me. I fall asleep praying that she will be the angel taking care of my daughter someday.

5. Shelley at Mager Madness is on my top 5 list. She has always been so supportive of my ups and downs and I just love living vicariously through her since she lives in SoCal, my first home. Her daughters are beautiful and her stories are true and from the heart.

6. I'm only supposed to have five nominations, but I have one more....Mary at Baby Girl Schneider is another Marching Panda and a truly good read! Her life in Arizona is fun and full of family life.

Okay there you have five...I could go on but a lot of my favs have already been nominated! Thank you again Christy for the nod!

By the way we made it though a tough week! TOGETHER!!!!

Keep the Faith!


I took a chill pill does that count for an award? I'll have to wait until the award has flung the cat by the tail before it reaches me.

Congrats! You have a great blog.

You deserved all the accolades!

Keep smilin!

OH MY GOD...your my new best friend!!!

Can I vote??? I vote for Stephanie...she's a rock!!