19 December 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 - 2 comments

Some funny funny to add humor to our wait.


Kool-aid, cookies and crayons should make an idyllic
afternoon for three-year-old Aidan. But in a moment of carelessness,
a nightmare of wax-gone-bad begins...


This film was originally created as part of Project Seven
theme to make a children's movie. It was shot on miniDV in my kitchen.
Aidan Travis is his son. The most frequent question is "how
did you make him cry?!!
". The short answer is Aidan chose to do so.
He wanted to eat the prop cookie but I told him he had to wait till
we were done shooting. On Take 6, he finally got his lines right and
left the kitchen. When he came back, he saw the prop cookie gone, and
figured it was gone forever. He forgot completely about acting, the
script and the camera and started wailing. Fortunately we were still
rolling, and gave Aidan two big cookies after we cut.


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All I can think of is...if I eat one more Christmas cookie I am going to blow up.

That is classic! What a cutie too...