20 December 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007 - 5 comments

Words to make me smile

From the mouth of my son...

"Mom, lets forget about Chrismas this year and just go on our camping trip instead."

Oh my I wanted to cry! We are off to Shaver Lake, where it has been dumping snow, to do some serious camping and all around fun having! We leave the 28th and will be back sometime after the 1st. I CAN NOT WAIT!! We absoultely love winter camping! Obviously so does my son. :)

I'm working on my tree pics...hopefully I'll get them up tonight for you all to see.


OH HOW FUN!!! We use to go to Shaver Lake back when we were kids. We have never really done winter-- with snow-- camping yet. We are doing Dumont until after the first. Glad your raising your kids with the right priorities-- CAMPING!!

Christy :)

Sounds like a blast. I can't even remember the last time I camped!

Oh, I'm so jealous! Never been Winter camping though. Not sure if we could, seeing as though we're tent campers! :)

While I'm not a big fan of winter, the thought of getting away is just wonderful!

winter camping? Are you smoking crack again?