10 October 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 - 3 comments

You must buy soap!

To be clean you need soap right?? Well YOU MUST go to this site!! Wild Butterfly Soap

Not only is this the best soap and it's so yummy for your entire body, I use it on my face, BUT 5% of the sales go to Half The Sky. You see, Shani and her family adopted this little button two years ago this February and she decided that she needed to be a stay at home mom so she started putting her brain to work. Well dang the girl can make a REALLY good soap and she decided that's what she'd do! So on this WONDERFUL Wednesday....she has launched her dream! You must go to Wild Butterfly Soap and buy something. Anything! If you can't....that's cool, but put up a post on your blog so she can get some action going on over there! Spread the word of soap! Spread the Joy!


It all looked amazing. I will probably be back for shopping when I can afford it. We just got back from Florida...we went swimming with Aligators! Tell you more later.

Cool beans, heading over there now :O)