22 October 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007 - 10 comments

Staying Focused

Yeah, you may have noticed I haven't been around too much, sorry it's intentional. I'm just wanting to take a small break to re-focus and do some things for our family. So here's the catch up for you all in bullet formation!

- I, yes ME, went shopping for ME last week and holy poop I bought me a pair of REALLLY s*xy Jordache jeans!! They are hot! I cant believe I bought Jordache jeans!

- My son came home with all A's and B's on his report card for the first time EVER in his academic career. The boy is still on a cloud! We are so proud!!

- I've finished up with my Little Stitches. And now need to start the quilting part. This is a really easy, take your mind off things project.

- Ordered our Christmas ornaments from Jiinkin Kids. Hurry and get yours before they're gone!

- We cleared out the weeds, dead flowers and other debris from the front yard. Joy Joy Fun Fun!! I say that so sarcastically since I HATE gardening!

- I've been going through all of our closets and so far have 8 bags, large trash bags of clothes to donate.

- We've been planning J's Halloween costume...Idea number 1. Any guesses what TV character this is??

- We've okay'd our home study update and are now wondering if we will be doing this again in 365 days.

- I've come to terms with my issues with my (as Sea Star says it) asshat friends in this town. They are selfish and no longer a issue for me. Life is too precious to sit and cry over spilt milk.

So yeah you may have guessed that I'm not gonna sit around anymore and let my life go on holding the flying pattern someone else has set for me.


I'm glad you're getting on with your life. You will have that much more to share with your child when she arrives.
Love the stitches, that's awesome! The costume is very cool. Now the RV..can it make it to Savannah;)

Good stuff! Life is to live...we gotta do that to get thru this.

Keep smilin!

Nice Ride!!!! Sweet! Love your stitching project, too, so cute!

Your stitches turned out so cute! Good job!!! :)

That's a sweet RV!
And your stitches look great.

You have been one busy lady! I love the crafty project. Very sweet.

Lovin' the camper. I can't believe it is Christmas ornament time again.

The stitches are rockin' busy woman.

Oh, I don't know about a TV character but that looks like Angus from AC/DC crossed with Erkel to me ;0)

The stiches are terrific!

He looks like Ed Grimly. Keep up the good stuff you have going on. What's an Asshat? I must be slow, but I still don't get it...

I love the stitched squares! Very sweet. I am a weirdo who doesn't watch TV, so I won't guess on the costume. I do like the retro glasses.